3 Quarters Equals 75 Cents

17 (18? Cupid) Pax gathered on a beautiful, 65 degree, breezy, pre-hurricane morning.  1.0s headed to the mall and 2.0s hung around ASEC.


Mosey to the mall by Belk:

SSH x 20

Cotton Pickers x 20

Arm Stretches

Soldier Walk

Skip Jumps

The Thang:

Run 3 quarters around the mall (just about half a mile) and then do 3 exercises, 75 reps of each, in sets of 3

Run from Belk to Food Court

Merkins x 25

Air squats x 25

LBCs x 25

Repeato x 3

Run from Food Court to Sears

Stump jumpers x 25

Lunge walk x 25

Crunchy frogs x 25

Repeato x 3

Run from Sears to JC Penny

Dips x 25

Curb hops x 25

Reverse crunches x 25

Repeato x 3

Mosey back to ASEC and no Mary because the time was gone.


Great crowd this morning and great effort.

Hats off to Catfish for fighting through that pesky twisted ankle recovery.

Custom Job pulled off a disappearing act at some point in the workout.  Let’s hope he made it safely back to wife and kids.

Someone said there was a Cupid sighting at some point this morning.  Q did not see, so he is wondering if we have started a Bigfoot-style legend.  Word is he came to do his own thing while training for a half marathon.

As always, a joy and pleasure.