We got a party goin on, many Pax strong!

50 men from all regions of Isotope (and Meca) to explore the intricacies of the #BlueIndian.  Here is their story:

0430: YHC rolled out of bed while men more determined than I rucked a few miles (Sound off below if you are that kinda crazy)

0500: YHC and a few others took a stroll around vermillion for #TheStandard


Mosey to the train tracks



SSH x 15 (IC)

IST x 10 (IC)

Cotton Picker x 10 (IC)

Hope you guys enjoyed me switching IST and Cotton Picker in my normal order, that was for you guys!

The Thang:

Partner Up and size will matter:

Run back to the deck go to the bottom

Partner 1: Start Bear Crawling up the deck ramps and go until you are relieved or make it to the top.

Partner 2: Run up the deck ramps to the top and down the stairs, then back up until you reach your partner.

When Partner 2 catches up to Partner 1, flapjack and continue the exercise until your “team” makes it to the top.  When your team reaches the top you go back down to the bottom (via Stairs) and start over with Round 2: Lunge Walks; Round 3: Broad Jump Burpees and Round 4: Partner Carry (Trading off as needed).

If you are able to finish all four rounds, (T-Claps) and take a run up the deck until 6:15 then take it to the cars.


Sticky Humid Moleskin

First, thanks the lone soldier SS Minnow who headed over from Harrisburg for this workout.  Great to have you.

It should be noted that the toughest Pastor in Meca (Alcatraz) must have taken the Blue Pill this AM, while the toughest Pastor in Isotope (Tweetsie) opted for the #DRP.  Your move Alcatraz!

Great partnering with Olive, great work!  Im not sure how many Broad Jump Burpees you did but I think it was more that me.

To the 1 FNG, Tom, sorry.  It doesn’t get easier but you get stronger.

To the other FNG, Todd, there was one suggestion of Captain Chaos…then (knowing he was a Redskin fan) somebody suggested Romo.  And thats how you name!  FNG Todd Perry is now know as Romo.  Embrace the name, most Dallas fans hate him so as a redskins fan you should love him.

I did claim yesterday that we would not perform #TheBurpee.  To be clear, we did not.  Since the main person concerned with such an activity decided to stay in bed (Jenny) it is irrelevant.

Speaking of staying in bed, continued prayers for Dallas as he deals with spontaneous congestion.  From what i’ve heard it can be very detrimental to “men”.  Not sure how he got it.

Great to see BluePrint, Ty Webb, and Captain America in the same place this AM.  I think it has been a couple years.  Looking forward to our trip to the Mtns in April!

Captain America & I saw Tweetsie and Etch leaving early and partaking in some crazy long; half middle school football player & half elementary school girl patty cake style handshake.  First of all, what was that?  Second, how do I get in the secret club?

Backcracker, strong work, great to see you again this AM too.

Strong work by all, but Mort, Scrappy, Auto, Rocket, Bam Bam, Professor and a few others blew past me several times.  Impressive!

Haven’t seen Bandit in a LONG time, then he walks into Lowes when I was there last night.  And boom, I see him again this AM.  Good times!

Safe travels Calypso, I’ll check on your fridge while you’re gone.

Two more days to put this hard work on display at the F3 Super Bowl!  Mud Run sign ups end Friday!



Keep Handsome Rob and Burner’s Aunt in your prayers as they are both battling some tough medical issues.

It was an honor as always to lead this AM.  Many thanks to the Mr. Burns for the opportunity to lead, and the overwhelming number of Pax that showed up.  I already had the #WIB scheduled but I had to figure out how we were going to start without running all over each other.  Problematic workout, yes, but I’ll take that kinda problem anyday.  50 guys coming out to make themselves and each other better.  Heck of a morning!!! Remember to thank your EHer and make sure they get an EH in return.  That being said, thanks to Black Eyed Pea for introducing me to F3 and all the Pax for the accountability and fellowship!  Life is short men, make an impact.  You guys are a huge blessing to me and make me a better disciple, husband, father, son, brother and friend.  F3 may not be for everybody, but it is for somebody you know.  Don’t be afraid to share this, somebody is praying for it!


14 thoughts on “We got a party goin on, many Pax strong!

  1. Jenny

    I feel I provided a service to the other PAX by ensuring there were no Burpees. I did, however, just go out and do a Mooch guilt run.

    1. Jolly Roger Post author

      Actually, your presence may have caused an audible. But your FS caused more pain for the PAX. You owe us all 50 burpees. You can pay with beer if you like.

  2. Blackbeard

    One “kinda crazy” rucker here, however that shall not in any way be misconstrued as an 8th-letter, 3rd-letter comment.

    Perhaps it was the lack of water intake while rucking earlier, but I never got to take advantage of the “…and go until you are relieved…” instruction. Next time I’ll have to remember to do that in the stairwell to make DPK seem a little more like Muthaship.

  3. scrappy

    Solid prayer Jolly. You have a gift at making new guys feel welcome. We can learn a lot from you.

    I had to renig on my promise to grab the 6. Apparently I can’t help myself.

    Maybe that’s why Professor, whom HC’d to be my partner, abandoned me for T-Bone.

    Praying for the Crazies doing the GRC this Friday. At the HEAVY we had Cadre Jesse in spurts. Get ready for 14 hours of Napolean in your face. I’ll see you at the Welcome Party.

    We should coordinate Goat’s Balls of Fury with the Welcome Party.

    Praying for the crazies.

    1. Jolly Roger Post author

      No worries Scrap Iron, I shouldn’t tempt you with a WIB then ask you to hold back. Dumb idea 🙂

      Professor was loyal to who brought him there

      GRC is next Friday, glad you didn’t show up by yourself. And agreed on Cadre Jesse, one on one with him and no Big Daddy calming the crazy, good luck boys, you will earn your patch.

  4. Ramrod

    This once and for all proves just how fast Auto really is. Dude wasn’t even there and still got #Tclaps for top-shelf effort. Jolly must have been having a 100% humidity/0% oxygen hallucination. Weird things have been known to happen in the gloom at DPK, just add this to the list.

    1. Jolly Roger Post author

      Auto, Lego, potato, potato

      You know they should really be seen together less or change their names to not use the same last vowel if they want to be their own person.

  5. SSMinnow

    DPK deck may not be as tall as the El Dorado north deck (or the MuthaShip), but if you’re going B2TW up and down it non-stop, is there a difference? … tough workout @JollyRoger ….it felt like a convergence with the large number of Pax there…#popularworkout….I appreciate the welcome from many of the Isotopians … also enjoyed partnering with @Grinch …. you got around those ramps quickly!

  6. Olive

    Impressive amount of Pax for a Jolly Roger Voyage! Great lead and awful exercises you bloody pirate! Glad I was there and thanks for pushing me partner! BTW, you were a sweaty stinky pirate! Argh!

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