Scoring Touchdowns

5 total Pax should up to score multiple touchdowns



10 SSH

10 Walkout Merkins

TP’s Hamstring Stretch



Started at the goal line and overcome an obstacle every 10 yards until we scored

10 x Burpees

20 x Mountain Climbers IC

30 x Merkins

40 x Prisoner Squats

50 x LBCs IC

40 x Prisoner Squates

30 x Merkins

20 x Mountain Climbers IC

10 x Burpees


Pax each scored 3 or 4 touchdowns and scored a very solid 32 to 40 fantasy points each


The extra add to the workout was a 40 yd bear crawl from the sideline to start the next kickoff return.  This is because your coach and high expectations weigh you down an create obstacles you have to overcome off the field.



Homer to Marge x 4

Superman x 3

Upward Dawg x 2


Moleskin:  Great day for a runless workout because of Q’s bum ankle.  Each Pax had some good chatter and moans.  Stroke added an extra obstacle pulling in a parking spot while El Ab and Cupid were doing squats.  Only their quickness kept them from getting tackled and not scoring a TD.  Our newest F3 Concord put on a good show with his 4 TDs.  All total a fun workout.  It was a pleasure to Q and I appreciate everyone dealing with my hobbled ankle.