Down in The Valley

7 of the Faithful ventured down to the Valley to welcome in the autumn Gloom, and sucker-punch Monday Morning in the gut. It went something like this…

  • Warm-o-rama: SSH x 30, Squats x 10, IST x 15, Arm Circles
  • Mosey to the Grassy Hill for 10-2 Ladder by 2’s. Quadrophelia going up, 5 mercians mid-way down the hill, with Carolina Dry Docks at the top, and WWII situps at the bottom
  • At the playground, 10 pullups, 15 muscle ups, and 20 dips. Repeato.
  • Mosey to parking lot for some reverse Indian run around the light poles
  • Mosey down the hill of shadows to the old wooden bridge for a couple rounds of elbow plank and people’s chair (w/ air press), 1 minute each
  • Mosey back up the hill to the bus lot. Broad jump the length of the lot, plank walk across, backwards run back, and plank walk back to starting point
  • Mary: Pretzel Crunch, Crunchy Frog, 1-min. elbow plank
  • The Moleskin:
  • Nice work by the pax the morning, everyone was pushing hard.
  • Some discussion¬†before we started¬†about how cold it was… I think Innkeeper and Pongo were about to start a fire pit, until YHC gave the 1-min warning
  • This AO was a lot darker than I remembered it being… course, the last time I was out here was just after lunch a couple of Saturdays ago… ¬†#BYOHeadlamp