Cops and Robbers

Overcast and nice!
Warm up– slap jacks X 20, karaoke, butt kickers, arms and calf stretches
The THANG– mosey to the mall with one good uphill sprint mixed in
Peoples chair on the Belk wall
Mosey down to lower Belk parking lot
Bear crawl and leg lunges over 3 parking spaces X 3
Indian run to the Sears wooden retaining wall
More people’s chair fun
Merkins X 20
Indian run back to the lower Belk parking lot
Bear crawl and leg lunges over 4 parking spaces X 3
Mosey around the Belk parking lot
Mountain climbers IC X 20
Mosey to ASEC rock pile
15 rock curls/10 shoulder presses X 3
Plank ring of fire–PAX sprints to the light pole while the rest plank X 4
Mary– LBC X 50, Homer to Marge
Mary Audibles- Bay City Roller crunchy frog X 15, Photon pretzel crunches X 15, Total Package superman/bananas
Thanks to the 4 PAX that came to play cops and robbers with me! It was a pleasure doing my first Q! Special HI 5 to Bay City Roller for the guidance and sweet whispers like “slow down, Mountie” and “it’s an hour long workout so you better throw something else in!”
Until next time, my friends!