And the Beatdown goes on and on

14 of the usual suspects, and one newly named Pax made an appearance at the col(train) for a do-too-much style sweatfest


Several PAX complaining about sore hams and quads following Exit’s hill torture (Thanks Bankdraft), so we began with some good ol’ stationary stretching

– Iron crosses – 20 secs to the right, 20 secs to the left – 2x

– Scorpions –  20 secs to the right, 20 secs to the left – 2x

– Side Straddle Hops – 25 in cadence

Cotton Pickers – 20 in cadence

Mosey over the track for…


Each PAX member picked out an equal and prepared for a beat down. The Real Cesar, being a newbie, went to the wrong AO, and decided to grace us with his presence just after the thang had commenced…..unlike when Backdoor shows up late, Cesar actually stayed for the entire workout!

The thang consisted of three parts, and the partners completed together

1) Walking lunges across the inside of the track to the other side of the track, where they each dropped and busted out 10 merckens

Once Merckens were completed, the partners bear crawled back to the other side of the track/starting line.

2) The race – the partners sprinted a loop around the track, where winning held incentives…hopefully encouraging some friendly competition, and thus increasing the intensity of the work out

3) Burpees (wouldn’t be a Doolittle workout without ’em) – The partners knocked out 25 burpees between them, immediately following the sprint lap, with the winner taking 10 of the 25, and the loser knocking out the remaining 15

And then it was REPEATO…back to #1 and the walking lunges.

Since we only warmed up for maybe 5-7 mins, and Q intentionally planned for very little Mary so as to maximize burn…it became evident about 20 mins into the workout that maybe two cool down/ breath catching laps could be beneficial, so we did just that, and then it was back to the thang for several more repeatos.


– LBC’s – 20 in cadence

– (Audible – Bay City) – Pretzel Crunches- 20 to each side

– (Audible – Backdoor) – Wasn’t memorable

– (Audible – Mountie ) – More Merckens – 20


While it was no hill-magedon, it was still certainly a sweaty one! Goal was to stay moving, and to take the heart rate through different zones over a 35 min period. I hadn’t originally planned on the 2 breath catching laps, but there were a lot of people with hands on knees, and everyones’ merckens and burpees were beginning to mirror those that KGB and Grover have made so famous….. so in order to get the most out of the remaining 10 mins, the recovery laps seemed necessary.

Backdoor once again graced us with his presence for the entire workout!!!!! I even had him audible since it seems leading a workout isn’t gonna happen anytime soon…though I have no idea what it ended up being…obviously pretty memorable.

PAX welcomed it’s newest official member…Michael Hanzlik….who shall be known as “Popeye” from this day forward…credit does go to backdoor for coming up with the name!

Props to Popeye and Real Cesar for sticking with the Pax through yet another 1.0 stylebeatdown early in their F3 careers! Nice to have Custom Job back with us, thought we had lost him for a minute!

Indi….we miss you brotha….wish you would stop gallivanting around the world on all these adventures and come back to your brethren……you’re killing Tick on gas money and mileage

It was a pleasure as always, and I hope you all left feeling as though you got the workout you were looking for this morning!

Until the next encounter



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