House of Pain

We did stuff after a quick Hairband Half Mile…


15-Imperial Walkers (aka Storm Troopers)
10-Low Slow Squats

After a quick Hairband Half Mile we circled up for ten stations of pain similar to Byron’s crazy circus of pain or whatever he calls it.  I usually miss half of what he says because I’m in too much pain.  But I digress.

For round one we worked 2:30 and rested :20.  The stations were as follows in no particular order.

1- Hairburners.
2- 30 lb. dumbell bicep curls.
3- 50lb. kettle bell goblet squats.
4- 30lb. kettle bell two handed swings.
5- Pick your poison weird wobbly arm instrument (BodyBlade).  Had to be there to experience it.
6- 25lb each hand dumbbell farmer walk.
7- Ruck loaded with six bricks – Lung walk with the ruck on your back for the entire time.
8- 10lb, each hand, tricep extensions
9- Pull the extra plate that magically appeared.
10-Pick your poison with the extra kettle bell

After we finished all ten stations we started running low on time so I wrapped up this portion and we did about ten minutes of some Z Health, yoga, and other stretching.  Make sure you are always stretching at least after your workouts to prevent injury.  I was MIA for about a month due to not stretching enough and falls and having to go to physical therapy to remind myself of that.

I guess I’ve already started in on the moleskin, so here goes!

Great work out there men, and thanks for humoring me on my first time leading a workout since I got hurt and had to go on IR.

Strong work by everyone, all of you are certainly capable of leading a workout, so get with Chum, Capri or myself if you have questions otherwise we’ll just put you on the list. (kidding)

Reminder on the workouts at Mint Hill:

Monday Capri will lead the 5:30 Piledriver boot camp at The Vet, Wednesday is Pain Academy boot camp at Bain Elementary, Thursday is Running Bear, running workout at The Vet, Friday is Mint Hill Metal, a gear workout similar to what I did today at Idlewild Baptist Church.  All workouts are at 5:30 except Saturdays are at 7:00.  Hope to see  you guys again this coming week.  Safe travels if you’re heading out of town.

Shout out to Double E, a Union County brother who let me borrow his entire toolbox and I added just a few things from my small collection.

Nice drive by, by Glass Joe and Horsehead who were getting in some last minute Blue Ridge Relay training in.  Best of luck out there in the mountains brothers, be safe and watch for bears.

Also shout out to me other Union County brothers Turnpike and Hairband who made the trek over to Mint Hill.

Running Bear tomorrow at The Vet and Mint Hill Metal at Idlewild Baptist.

Thank you for allowing me to lead, have a good week.

7 thoughts on “House of Pain

  1. Horsehead

    What I saw:

    – A #punchbuggy blasting tunes with somebody screaming “Jesus” out over and over to death metal music

    – some dude working out with a giant windshield wiper

    – people randomly running around the parking lot carrying things

    – Hairband furiously banging on the door of the school trying to get the janitor in the huge truck to let him go potty inside, and getting denied and possibly involved with law enforcement (we hauled it after that)

    Also, hairburners are not BRR taper friendly. Two sets around the curb of those was enough for me.

  2. Hair Band

    By the way, it’s time to nix “Storm Troopers”. Is that some strange Mint Hill/Mecca thing?

    They have always been Imperial Walkers, even the exercise lexicon does not recognize Storm Troopers so not sure why that exercise name was changed.

    Is there a reason for the name change? We have enough wacky names, we don’t need multiple wacky names for the same thing.

    My rant for the day is over now. 🙂

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