MM Preblast

Saw my planned “Put the Labor in Labor Day” headline was already taken but the Muthaship needs no gimmicks. I suspect most of the A-team will be tapering and resting legs for #BRR, so TOMORROW is the day for those of you not doing BRR and those looking to tackle the Mutha for the first time (throwing a few more exercises in there than usual so that it’s “beginner” friendly)…
– On the run to the ‘ship stop at each light for 10 hand release Merkins
– At the ‘ship, head up the dizzyback stopping at:
Level 4: 20 LBCs
Level 8: 20 LBCs, 20 Dollies
Level 12: 20 LBCs, 20 Dollies, 20 Merkins
– Across the top of the deck and down the far stairwell (corner of Brevard and 6th)
– Cross 6th to the short wall outside of ImaginOn:
10 Jump ups
10 Dips
– Head up 6th and across train tracks, immediate right to the end of the tracks at the rails outside 7th St. Parking Deck:
20 Supine pull ups

That’s one round, do as many as you can then AYG at 6:08 to Captain Jack. See you at 5:15!