Less is More

11 PAX on a clear day with winds out of N at 6 knots and falling humidity. 67F at game time


Slow mosey around AO perimeter (660 yards) with High skips, Karaoke, Butt Kickers, and High knees ending in the upper right lot.

Cross Jacks x 15

Jane Fonda’s x 15 (IST with air jumping rope at same time)

THE THANG PART 1 – 20 minute sweat test

Descending Bent Jacob’s Ladder :10 down to 1 ( 3 exercises with suicides after each set)

AS x 10 (QUAD and HAMS)

Hand release Merkins x 10 (PECTS)

Rockers x 10 (CORE)

Do 40 yard suicide down drive towards entrance to AO along Lake Concord Road to 1st lantern returning to top of lot (CARDIO)

Do 80 yard suicide down and back to 2nd lantern (MORE CARDIO)

RINSE AND REPEAT…9 Reps of above 3 exercises followed by suicides, 8, 7 , etc etc

THE THANG PART 2  : 10 minute sweat test

Mosey to Rock Pile and each PAX grabs large stone

Return to upper lot closest to Lake Concord RD making large Circle 15 paces across

With Stone held over head PAX runs merry go round 2 REVOLUTIONS around large circle stopping at starting point

PP x 5 IC



REPEAT RUN of 2 REVOs with stone overhead



Merkins on Stone x 5 right and x 5 left

Put stone away and  mosey to MARY


Core Killers x 10

Low Dolly x 10

Brazilians x 10

Slow Freddie Mercuries x 10


This was meant to be a simple sweat test ( LESS IS MORE) easy on the brain but hard on the body.  Great effort by all with special T claps to Stroke.  Lots of grunts and farts where heard and some hands on knees noted during Sweat test NO 1 which hit all muscle groups with a cardio kicker. PAX really loved the Jane Fonda’s in warm up the most and I thank my old VCR for that blast from the past and my collection of Richard Simmons tapes which are gold I tell you, just pure gold. What a specimen that man. Moment of silence..  Anyway…Sweat test NO 2 was also a rerun having been done first by one Rooster of our PAX early days (Rooster did it as our only sweat test with 35lb cinder blocks for 35 minutes straight and you could not put the block down…dead of winter …15 degrees). No lie.  In short AWFUL and I never forgot it. He is also credited with the REVERSE INDIAN RUN.  2nd Moment of silence. Amen.  Be glad that he moved to Charlotte cuz we have it easy now.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EL ALBOGADO who is now 47 but keeps telling the PAX that he a hate but we all know what an old man look like.