They built the the Empire State Building in 1 year and 45 days

Workout 1.0
This was a field trip to the Burrage Road bridge and back so the routine was a steady jog with pain stations along the way. Now Deertick didn’t divulge the work (i.e. never sent in his backblast) But I was an Eye-Witness to the brutality and utter agony myself. So intense was the pain, that I don’t remember all the stops and where they were (maybe He can’t either) but there were:
wall chair
decline merkins,
But wait, there’s more…
Sprinting up the Calvary Lutheran Church Drive 3 times
Bear crawling and sprinting down Lee-Ann Drive on the way back.
… And for dessert, there was
Freddie Mercs,
Guess I blacked out and wasn’t cognizant through the rest.

2.0 Sweat Test

Q : Total Package
Pax : Backdraft, Smith & Wesson, Photon, PsychoT

Warm up:
Jog through parking lot doing High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karioke, Goose Steps

Circle up: (lower parking lot)
SSH x 25
Walkouts x 10
Mtn. Climbers x 20
Arm Circles

The Thang:
Lower parking lot
Each man get a tire

5 men rotate flipping tires to halfway point in parking lot

5 tires set up in a row for tires jumps
Each pax jumps in and out 5 tires in a row x 2 reps
Each pax lateral jumps in and out 5 tires in a row x 2 reps

Flip tires back to starting point

Mosey to Fire Ring
20 dips on bench
15 derkins

Mosey to Picnic Shelter
Inverted sit-ups (10) on table w/partner assistance
10 regular sit-ups on table w/partner assistance
Jumping lunge x 10
Side plank w/scissor stretch (each leg)
Jump squat x 10 (slow squat)
Chair squat against pole (1 Min)

Mosey to Rock pile
5 Manmakers
Squat, curl, overhead press, skull crushers w/ rock x 10
Rejoin Pax for Mary

Naked man mole skins:
Well we all showed up at the same time with nothing to do, so Deertick said, “Hey! I know where there’s a bridge with a squashed racoon in the middle of it. Well, we all thought that would be fun to look at, so we followed him. He would stop and say he’s not going to take us there unless we did what he asked (like lunges, wall chairs, and the like). He was just seeing how far he could push us, because when we got to that bride, there weren’t any squashed racoon. The bridge finally opened up after a year or more of being rebuilt. So for the safety of the citizens of concord, we put it to the test by running 20 men across it, and then stopping on it to do decline merkins. The bridge shuddered only a little, but good enough for government work. Once we made it to the Lutheran church driveway, Ol Deertick would yell, ‘Hey! There’s road-kill up at the top of this drive!”, and we’d all take off as fast as we could to look at it. but when we got there – no road kill. By the time we got back down, we’d forget & he’d yell it again. Pulled our leg probably 3 times.
We lost the 2.0s in the woods once we got back to All Saints, who know what they were doing over there, you couldn’t hear them and they didn’t come for Mary until Exit 54 hounded them down. Probably smokin’ or playing lost boys again. But here’s what you’ll hear from TP:

1. Five Pax endured a wonderfully humid 64 degree morning for a 2.0 beatdown.
2. Sweat was pouring this morning as the 2.0’s cheerfully endured a collection of Caitlyn Jenner-like exercises from last Saturday as well as a few new ones.
3. Same stuff minus the running is how this workout could be described. Thanks for a good one and allowing me to lead today!
Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 08/20/15