Are You Ready for Some Football?

Mosey to Glen Center basketball court
  • SSH x 20
  • Mtn. Climbers x 20
  • Air Squats x 15
Mosey to Webb Field
The Thang:
The PAX ran the Webb Field stadium by running down, over, and up the 7 sets of stairs in the seating area. After arriving at the other side, The PAX dropped down and did 10 burpees on the football field and ran to the 50 yd line. Bear crawl about 10 yds and then to the other endzone. To regain admission into the seating area, the PAX had to complete 1 core exercise before rinsing and repeating. The core exercises changed each time and consisted of:
  • 4-count Scissor Kicks IC x 15
  • Crunchy Frogs SC x 20
  • LBCs SC x 20
  • Stump Jumpers SC x 20
  • KGBs IC x 15
  • Freddie Mercs IC x 15
Mosey back to The Coal Train
  • Homer (30 sec) & Marge (10 sec) x 2
  • Superman (30 sec) x 2
  • Cobra x 1
  • Core Killers x 12 Audible 
  • Plank Shoulder Shrugs x 10 Audible
A record-breaking 15 PAX showed up for Wednesday’s sweat test and to prove their stair skills from Tuesday. Once we got to Webb Field, it was every man for himself, each under strict orders to not skip a single step while running the stadium.  Although the nicely groomed football field made the burpees less miserable, they added up pretty quickly. The majority of The PAX finished strong with 6 rotations through the stadium, adding up to 48 columns of stairs ascended and descended, 60 burpees, and over half a football field worth of bear crawls. It was great to have the change of scenery and have such a turnout for my first time as Q. It was a pleasure
-Running Eagle