Parking Deck Stupidity

Twelve PAX moseyed up to the Hospital Parking Deck for a CSAUP morning of stairs and more stairs…


Mosey to the parking deck entrance, COP:

  • SSH x 20

Form a single file line, enter the east stairwell:

  • Run up two flights, turn around and run down a single flight, turn around and run up two flights, then down a flight again, continue this pattern of up two / down one until you reach the top
  • At the top, 20 hand-release merkens in cadence
  • Mosey to the south stairwell
  • Run down two flights, turn around and run up a single flight, turn around and run down two flights, then up a flight again, continue this pattern of down two / up one until you reach the bottom
  • At the bottom, 20 Carolina Drydocks in cadence


At this point, your Q determined the PAX had the basics down and it was time to split up, as twelve men on a single stairwell was a bit congested.  We divided into four groups of three – Skinner, AquaDeac and Bay City (aka Familia de Skinner) split off and headed to the north stairwell.  Psycho, Tick and Abogado (aka the Hates who were talking and laughing entirely too much) took the east stairwell.  Indy, Smith & Wesson and Cupid (the Respects) took the south stairwell.  And Grover, KGB and myself (the BRR-training squad plus KGB) headed to the west stairwell.

The groups then simultaneously entered each of the four stairwells and began rotating clockwise.  At the top/bottom of the north stairwell, each group did 20 Mountain climbers in cadence.  Likewise, it was 20 hand release merks for the east, 20 drydocks for the south, and 10 Clappers at the west stairwell.  We rotated like this for 20 minutes.  When time was called, we moseyed back to the AO for Mary.


  • In-and-outs w/ hold for 90 seconds
  • Alternating scissor kicks w/ hold for 90 seconds


Today was lots of fun and lots of sweat.  The turn around and backtrack after every other flight component adds a significant challenge to our usual stair work.  By employing this wrinkle, you have to ascend sixteen flights of stairs to actually advance eight, and likewise you climb eight flights during every stairwell descent.  I expect there will be some sore calves and quads in the Concord area today.  Kudos to Smith & Wesson who arrived expecting to lead the 2.0s but instead he took this all-out cardio challenge head-on.  Also, props to KGB who got stuck with the BRR runners who needed the stair work in preparation for all the mountains we’ll be running next month.  He had no trouble keeping up with us today.

Hope you guys enjoyed it this morning and if not, I hope you at least found it rewarding.  I believe we all did ten stairwells total, which sums out to 120 flights ascended, 120 flights descended, 60 hand-release merkens, 120 Carolina Drydocks, 20 Clappers, 80 Mountain Climbers.  That’s quite a workload for 45 minutes.

Always a pleasure to lead you gentlemen.

/Exit 54