EE’s Epoxy Plateology – Burnin’ Metal Baby!

8 PAX were not thwarted by the nasty Tweet EE sent out last night as a warning that today Would be a smoker of a workout. Either that or some of the Mint Hill PAX are not following on twitter yet or were simply curious as to what EE’s Epoxy Plateology was all about.  For the 8 that showed up, now they know!

That Thang

Mosey from PSF to center of parking lot track.


SSH x 25 IC
IW x 25 IC
4 count Merkins x 15 IC
10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to parking lot track where 2 x 45# plates await without any Griswold Cereal Varnish applied.Count off 2 x Teams of 4 PAX
Each team member takes turns hairburning around the track while the remaining team members perform called exercises.  The pusher is relieved after the exercises have been performed.  The team is finished after a full lap around the track.
Round 1:
Exercises – Rotate between 7 Burpees & 7 Bombjacks

Mosey to Elementary school wall for:
PC w/ 40 x Air Presses
20 x Speed Squats
PC w/ 40 x Air Presses
20 x Speed Squats
15 x BTW (inverted) MC IC
20 x Wall Donkey Kicks OYO

Back to Track to burn more metal!
Round 2:
Exercises – Rotate between 20 Merkins & 20 Low Squats

Mosey to center of Track Parking Lot
Bear Crawl 10 x parking spaces while performing 3 x merkins at each line

Round 3 of metal mania:
Exercises – Rotate between 25 Freddie Mercuries & 30 LBC’s

Mosey #walk back to PSV for 4MOM
25 x Flutter IC
25 x Dolly IC
EE calls for PAX to call Mary at Will (may not get names correct here)
Tough Skins – Freddie Mercury x 10
Toolman – LBC x 20
BioHazard – Flutter x 10 (somewhat IC)

EE’s Epoxy Plateology COMPLETE! All passed with flying colors!

Thank you Tough Skins for Taking us out


Thurs AM – Running Bear at the Vet
Fri AM – Mint Hill Metal at Idlewild Baptist Church


EE’s plates are awesome said no one ever!  Today was no exception.  The heavy metal track hariburners proved once again to smoke the PAX with zero mumble chatter and only the sounds of attempting to catch some O2 filled the gloom of the Bain #PainAcademy.  I was very encouraged by the encouragement of the team members #notpushing to keep the plates moving.  The track turned out to be the perfect surface to smoke the PAX.  Serious strong work by Blue Crush and Capri to take long pushes today and the luckier PAX got the plates moving on the downhill side of the track #uphillsucked.  But all worked very hard and I am sure there will be a repeat of this in the future!!

Sound off if I missed anything or if I need to be cussed out!

It was a pleasure leading a great group of Men this morning!!

Double E

2 thoughts on “EE’s Epoxy Plateology – Burnin’ Metal Baby!

  1. Toolman

    That was my first time pushing around plates. It was harder than expected (understatement of the year). I look forward to next time though. In hindsight, I think I needed less body weight on the plate and more back on my legs. I was spinning my tires several times with the plate just sitting there laughing at me. Great job today Double E!

  2. Tough Skins

    That was the third time attempting to tame the plate for me. Nope still got smoked. That is no joke my friend! Thanks Double E for stretching us yet again.

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