Deck of Death

7 Concord Pax and one Moss Creek (Rolling Stone) late comer posted on an awesomely cool, breezy morning for a date with Lady Luck.

Warm Up

– Mosey around parking lot – high knee, butt kickers, high skip to Rock Pile

– Squat Jacks x 10

– Plank Jacks x 15 IC

– Arm Circles, leg, back stretches

– Grab a rock, mosey to lower parking lot

The Thang

One Deck of Cards, Hearts = Man Makers, Diamonds = Crunchy Frogs, Clubs = Curls, Spades =Squat Jacks, Jokers = 60 second recovery

Pax draw 4 cards at random, complete said exercises, run a suicide – Repeato until time is called

Completed 10 draws – 10 suicides, 79 Man Makers, 86 Crunchy Frogs, 74 Curls, 89 Squat Jacks, 2 60 second recoveries


– 12 pretzel crunches each side

– Cobra Pose to Downward Dogs x 2

– One Leg Warrior Pose each leg

– Freddie Merks x 20 IC


Awesome morning for a beatdown.  Q was not fully awake and needed BCR to help keep track of the right exercise with right card.  Liger said it sounded easy to start.  By end, BCR was asking “How many cards in this deck?”  Weclome and apologies to Schnitzel from Moss Creek that showed up at 7am (Website still show us meeting at 7 on Saturdays).

Enjoy the weekend, Aye Hipbone