Construction Material Beatdown

Huge PAX turn out for an arm shredding beatdown with various and sundry building materials.

Warm Up

Mosey thru parking lot –

High Knee, Butt Kickers, Karaoke, Solider Walk with  10 Merkins after each

Mosey to Truck – grab a timber (2-3 Pax per), then mosey around AESC with overhead, left/right shoulder carry

The Thang

Pair Up and begin work out stations as follows:

– Tire Sled Push

– Dips

– Decline Merks

– Overhead Circles with Block

– Curls with Block

– 2-man Timber Curls

– 2-man Timber LBCs

– 6×6 Timber Flips

– 2-man 6×6 Overhead Press

– Jump Rope

– Pax worked each station until the timer called rotate.  Timer was 100 yd, 80 lb Anvil Carry with    Partner resistance. (100 yds down, switch, 100 yds up


– Plank

– CIrcle Superman


Awesome turn out for the return of Nails.  Have missed playing with all his toys – Always more fun with the threat of head injury in the gloom.  Great beatdown and great effort.

Sumbitted by Hipbone for Nails