KGB’s comeback

Warm up:

Run to the church parking lot

– SSH x 20

– Mountain climbers x 20

– Hillbillies x 15

The thang:

– Mosey to the bum-wash (affectionately named by D-tick), circle around

Move 2 paces to the right after each set of merkins/dry docks

  1. 5 merkins
  2. 5 wide merkins
  3. 5 diamond merkins
  4. 5 Carolina dry docks
  5. 5 scorpion dry docks

Repeato, this time Move 2 paces to the left after each set of merkins/dry docks

This is where the chatter started to die down and shirts started to get darker

Mosey to the shelter, bear crawl, then cackalacky choo choo (it’s been a while since we’ve done one)

Mosey to the parking deck, grab a partner,

At the top level, 5 wheel barrel merkins aka cliffhangers (thank Indy), 5 patty cake merkins

Run down a level – 10 mountain climbers

Run down a level – 10 LBCs

Run down a level – 10 smurf jacks

Come back up through the mine shafts

Repeato until failure

Mosey to Mary

KGB twists x 20



1. It was good to be in a driver seat again, it has been a while. Since our baby boy was born in June it’s been tough to continue attending F3 at the same pace as before

2. The intent today was to combine cardio with an upper body shred and come back witha  a vengeance, I hope I delivered

3. Welcome to FNG Justice (Skinner’s son)

4. Tomorrow Nails is making a long awaited come back, a must attend