The “Ultimate” Workout

It was a great morning to have some fun while we worked it out.  11 Total showed up for the ‘Ultimate’ workout.

Mosey to Belk parking lot .
Paired up for 20 yard Frisbee toss.   One PAX sprinted to catch a Frisbee 20 yards away.  If caught past the cone, they lunged back to the starting point.
If they didn’t catch it or caught it short of the cone, they bear crawled back.  The Frisbee thrower did merkins until partner returned.
Each person went 2x

The Thang:  Ultimate Frisbee with a twist
Divided into 2 teams.  At each turnover, the team had to do a burpee.  After each score, teams bear crawled back to their end zone and planked until everyone was ready for kickoff.
All in all, MANY burpees were done and I personally bear crawled over 200 yards.
Final score was 8-5 I believe.
Due to an injury, Bay City had to sit out and do core exercises.

Mosey back ASEC

LBC’s until all PAX arrived back
Crunchy Frogs x 20 IC
6 inches (in and out) for 90 seconds
Freddie Mercs x 20 IC
Planks (normal/one armed cross) for 90 seconds

Fun times today…. I almost didn’t even realize how much I hated bear crawls for playing the game.  I thought Deertick was my friend until he called me Obama.
The other team was playing like 3rdgraders and we needed to get in a good workout.  I was afraid we would be cheated from not doing enough bear crawls.
Thanks to Indy’s tremendous Frisbee throwing abilities and Psycho T’s 10 foot wingspan (exaggeration but not by much), the other team gave us many chances to bear crawl the length of the field.
There aren’t many times I can say this…. I actually ENJOYED F3 this morning!  I always enjoy the company but normally dread the pain.  Sorry to Bay City who had to sit out due to an injury.  Get well soon brother! Thanks to all for playing along and making it a great workout.

Remember to keep Colt 45 in your prayers as he will be deploying next week.  Today is his birthday so ‘’Happy Birthday Weston!”

Ma Bell