Eight miles twelve different ways

With @Filibuster and @Diplomat already launched for some extra credit, nine more PAX just waited for @Chopper to plow through the parking lot to get to his special spot, then wait until 0533 for one PAX to arrive on #StoliTime. All well and good though as we were still debating the route, which was never resolved as several groups emerged to knock out eight miles by way of more routes than YHC had fingers and toes to count. Here’s how at least one group tackled it…

The Thang
Out the front entrance and right on HCP, then right on Christenbury.
Left down (and back up) Millstream to right on Clarke Creek/Ellenwood
Right on Elrond down the big hill, then left into Winding Walk and take various streets with funny names to the entrance.
Cross Eastfield into Skybrook and straight ahead (pass JLo and his M heading out on a run) to the T at Northgreen(?)
At the T, reverse course back to start point, except pass JLo and his M on the Elrond hill as JLo chivalrously leaves her in his dust on the climb.

COT and BOM take out thanks to Shazam

– The Shield this Wednesday at 8pm @Grinders house in Skybrook (see Gloom Chronicles for address)
– Still need one driver for BRR – please recruit
– Possible afternoon run today at 4pm at casa de Nanny – contact Nanny or Chowder if interested

Nakedman Moleskin
– Not sure how we ended up with so many different routes… so the hill at Elrond could be avoided, maybe?
– Nice to have some cooler temps and lower humidity…
– @Chopper – BTW, after you left, we picked up your spot and moved it back to the first spot on your left as you arrive.
– @Stoli, consider bringing the BFR (big foam roller) to HCE before the runs… though I have a feeling you’ll still arrive on #StoliTime
– About 6 weeks of training remain… with 18 PAX committed, but only 9 PAX posting (or 10 if we count JLo) I have to wonder where the others are… Clearly, @Chavez woke up somebody in the house this a.m.  Anyone else?