Brutality Week Reaches its Logical Conclusion in Concord

You couldn’t ask for better workout conditions. Mid-60’s, slight breeze, low humidity… let’s rock!
14 bros put on their big boy pants and manned up for a Saturday morning date with Chelsea.
Mosey with weery legs to Belk parking lot
  • Cotton Pickers x20
  • Hillbillies x20
  • Air Squats x20


Grab a partner and join Chelsea for a shwetty good time!
  • Partner 1 will sneak off to get know Chelsea intimately.
  • Partner 2 will enjoy some Core-nography while he awaits his turn.
  • Then, the old “switcheroo”
First let’s meet Chelsea, the Chelsea Square:
              X4               X3
                       •  •
              X1               X2
4 cones, 25 meters apart
  • Sprint from cone 1 to cone 2 and then jog around cones 3 & 4 and then back to cone 1.
  • Sprint from cone 1 around cone 2 to cone 3, jog around to cone 4 and back to 1.
  • Sprint from cone 1 around cones 2,3&4 and jog back to cone 1.
  • Sprint for the entire square
  • Start over by undoing the square
Other partner will  do the following:
  • Rd 1- LBC x100, Scissors x25 IC, Mt. Climbers until your turn
  • Rd 2- V-Ups x25, Peter Parker Peter x20 IC, Brazilians until your turn
  • Rd 3- Pretzel Crunch x25 per side, Bay City Scissors x15 IC, Stump Jumpers until your turn.
  • Rd 4- Crunchy Frog x50, Double Deerticks x50, Plank Jacks until your turn
Mosey back to MARY:
  • Homer to Marge for 2 minutes
  • Freddie Mercury x20 IC
As requested by MaBell, we stayed out of the mine shafts on this beautiful Saturday morning. For some reason, I guess he doesn’t enjoy the 30 degree shift in temps between the shafts and the deck. Go figure.
We capped off one of the more brutal, yet well attended weeks in a while with a what I hoped would be painful enough for those that posted for the first time this week and easy enough for those that went through the ringer this week.
Props to the  2.0’s for pushing through a workout that had more running then I’m sure they cared for. Captain America made a special appearance. So if you missed him, he should graduate in 4 years ….you can catch him then.
Thanks to all those that posted this morning. It was my pleasure to lead
Bay City Roller