Upward in Reverse

Nine PAX shook off the residual misery from Tuesday morning to get a scenic tour of Downtown Concord…


  • Mosey to bottom of the parking deck, COP
  • SSH x 20
  • Cotton Pickers x 15
  • ISTs x 20
  • Run to top of the deck, alternating between a standard run on the flat levels and quadromania on the inclined levels


Starting at the top level we divided into three groups – each group approached a different stairwell.  Grover, Abogado and myself headed to the north stairwell entrance.  We dropped down for 20 hand-release merkens, then we took the stairwell to the bottom.  Indy, Bay City and Doolittle hit the southeast stairwell, but not before knocking out 20 Smurf Jacks in cadence.  Psycho, Deertick and Skinner ran over to the south stairwell, banged out 20 Freddie Mercuries in cadence, and then descended.

Thus began the circuit.  Upon reaching the bottom, each group ran back to the top of the deck, alternating straight run and quadromania as before.  Rotating clockwise, each group then approached a different stairwell, knocking out the respective exercise before descending.  Circuit was continuous for 30 minutes.

When time was called, every man sprinted back to the AO.  No time for Mary today.


Excellent sweat test today, continuous motion and the quadromania presented a unique challenge (particularly after we all had our hammies destroyed yesterday).  While Doolittle’s Tuesday beatdown had everyone looking pretty ragged this morning it did nothing to quell the chatter amongst you ladies.  A few highlights:

  • Big props to Abogado for getting stuck in a group with the BRR runners who treated today like a full-speed training session, but still managed to hang with us
  • Also props to Skinner who ran 2.5 miles before the rest of us even rolled out of bed this morning.  I kept noticing giant sweat puddles in various spots in the parking deck, and thought to myself “yep, Skinner was just here”
  • Doolittle – let’s just say Doolittle possesses a rare level of situational awareness that enables him to navigate all sorts of challenges that nature presents us

As always, big thank you to everyone who turned out today.

/Exit 54