Catch Me, If You Can

A tribute by grown men that are secure in their man hood, to two of Hollywood’s greatest leading men…

Well, to say that today was a tad bit chilly…would be a bold face lie, and that’s not a very nice way to start a backblast!  The truth is that it was hot and muggy, and just down right nasty! Despite the balmy conditions, 18 strong posted today (Including my main man Scooby…coming off of a 4 week hiatus)….which ties the record for the largest PAX I’ve been a part of….much less led.

I must admit the numbers were initially a little intimidating….but then as I listened to, and tried to talk over all the girlish chatter that persisted through my instructions…My angst quickly transitioned into the desire to destroy….and the beat down proceeded.


Quick stroll up the ASEC lot

  • Butt Kickers, followed by…
  • high knees, followed by…
  • karaoke

PAX circled up…girlish chit-chat reaching deafening heights at this point

  • 25 side straddle hops in cadence
  • 15 merkens
  • 20 AS

– And it was on to THE THANG:

Each member of the PAX selected the Tom Hanks to their Leo DiCaprio

PART 1 – Catch me if you can

  • One partner facing towards the top of the lot says go, at which time they dropped down and commenced to do 5 burpees at a gallant pace
  • At the word go, the other partner sprinted to the bottom of the lot to a cone, and then turned back around and the chase was on
  • The idea was that the burpee partner would be completing their burpees just as the sprint partner was back to the starting line, and the two were to race to finish line at the top of the hill, with the sprinter already having the momentum.
  • Loser dropped and did 5 burpees at the finish line

(Side note….finding the sweet spot for the back line was difficult, as some teams (KGB and Exit) were functioning a much different level)

PART 2 – Back to starting line

  • The return to starting line was split into two sections.
  • Once the LOSER finished their punishment burpees, the two would walking lunge to the midpoint of the racing path, at which time they would then BEND OVER and bear crawl back to the starting line.

Partners would then switch roles of burpee’er and sprinter and repeat parts 1 and 2 – The combination would make for 1 pass

PART 3 – Pain station

Once the first pass was completed (each partner having done each role, and the lunges and bear crawls done twice) 50 burpees were completed by the partners, and then it was off for a another cycle


Once the second pass was finished, the partners knocked out 100 AS


Once the third pass was completed, the partners knocked out 150 Merkens


Once the 4th pass was finished (for those that got there) another 50 burpees were done


Unfortunately there was enough time (5 mins)  for some Mary

  • 15 LBC in cadence
  • Front plank 30 secs
  • 10 Merkens
  • R Side plank
  • 10 Merkens
  • L Side plank
  • 10 Merkens
  • 20 Deer Ticks
  • Star Gazers


First off…props to Backdraft for making it out this morning despite feeling the emotional effects of a fallen brother….we may give you a lot crap….but we all have the highest respect for what you do to keep our community safe. Thoughts and prayers are with you!

Secondly… was an honor to lead such a large group of men….despite the fact that each additional member seems to have an exponential impact on the amount of  girlish chatter…it was still awesome to see that many grown men suffering together at my command.

My highlights from today were:

1) Exit telling me its the closest he’s come to puking in an F3 workout (for some sick reason (jealousy) I really enjoy seeing Exit suffer like the rest of us)

2) Seeing Indi call for assistance getting out of the star gazing position at the end of Mary

3) My email from Hipbone – informing me that his son “Running Eagle” texted him after the work out to inform him he likely would not be able to walk again – for which hipbone thanked me, as young Eagle has apparently mocked his “old man workout group” for several years.

4) Having KGB back!

5) Scooby, after a late night at work, and a 4 week hiatus from anything working out or F3, making it out for a butt kicker in support of his business partner!

I for one, (though I’m no physical specimen) had some barking Hammies immediately following the workout, and am not looking forward to what tomorrow may bring…not to mention the thought of facing whatever madness Exit has in store for us.

In total my GPS put us at just under 2.5 miles of sprints and movements. We all did close to 50 burpees each (those that lost more than won may have done even more), 75 merkens each, and 50 AS each. Good work.

Props to S&W and Scooby for braving another 1.0 workout! And Scooby, really hope this is the beginning of a significant attendance roll for you!

Drink LOTS of water, and STRETCH!

Prayers for the Hedgecock family, Hicks family, Smith’s son Colt 45 as he heads out to defend our freedom, and Mountie’s little one as they await bloodwork results.

Always an honor and pleasure suffering along side you of men.