Hating on Catfish

Warn Up: Mosey to rehab parking lot
25 SSH
25 Hillbillies
25 Brazilians
Downward Dawg calf stretch
Butt kickers
High Knees

2 Stations each 3 exercises
1. 10 Bay City Scissors 8 count ic
20 Tire Derkins
30 Tire Box Jumps

2. 10 Manmakers with rock
20 Rock curls
30 KGBs ic

One station at top of parking lot other at the bottom. Pax did 4 – 4.5 rounds.

I have never had so many people tell me they hated me but I think it was different exercises that hurt each Pax the most. Tire Jumps killed me. Backdraft ( who told me he hated me every time he saw me) cursed KGB even though he wasn’t there. I promised MaBell no burpees or bear crawls but it still was not happy. El Abigado wanted to put certain people on the stand to determine exactly how many Tire Jumps they were doing.
All in all it was great fun on an average temperature July morning.

Thanks for letting me Q