Who’s Running This Gig?

Four pax posted at The Vet to find out what somebody had planned.  A late sign up by YHC yesterday settled who would lead, but it turns out YHC’s plan wasn’t much different than Chum’s.


Long Mosey around both soccer fields to little field next to tennis courts.

  • SSH x20
  • IST x20
  • Windmill x15
  • Hill Billy x15
  • Merkins x10
  • Plank– hold for 30+ secs.
  • Mountain Climber x10

Mosey over to playground.

The Thang

Four Corners (sort of)- Run the 1/4 mile trail loop through the forest with the following at each “corner”:

  • Corner 1: Pullup, 5 reps;
  • Corner 2: Merkin, 10 reps;
  • Corner 3: Air Squat, 20 reps;
  • Corner 4: LBC, 40 reps.

Repeato until Q says stop. We completed 3-4 full circuits.

Mosey to racquetball courts for Urban Recon.  Starting in one court pax begin one exercise, then the Q runs around the courts and picks a court where he starts another exercise. Pax recon run one by one, at 5 second intervals, until they find the Q and what exercise they will do next.  Pax continue the exercise until their turn to run. Repeato with the following exercises in a different court each time:

  • SSH,
  • Air Squat,
  • Smurf Jack,
  • Lunge,
  • Merkin,
  • Elbow Plank,
  • Plank Jack,
  • People’s Chair,
  • Mosey circles in each court until next pax arrives,
  • LBC,
  • Bear Crawl around one court,
  • Air Squat.


  • LBC x25.
  • The Squirm x20.
  • Mason Twist x10.
  • The Pretzel x10 each side.
  • Homer-to-Marge.


  1. Great work out there today guys.  @Chum thanks for coming prepared to lead in case nobody had signed up.
  2. Our COT was a bit sporadic, what with YHC’s spontaneous desire to EH the other park goers.  We just can’t let them get away without telling them about F3. #evangelize
  3. Great 2nd F coffeeteria at the Starbucks inside Harris Teeter.  That is the best part about Saturday workouts.