Frisbee Anyone?

9 PAX gathered at Highlands for another high humidity, mid 70’s temp beat down. Legally defensible disclaimer issued and workout begun.

The Thang:

Mosey to middle parking lot for Warmorama:

SSH x 20

IST x 20

Merkins x 20

Windmill x 15

Mt. Climbers x 15


Proceed to rear parking lot, for the following exercises (X2):


-Partner carry to the 4th basketball goal, 25 merkins each, partner carry back, 25 merkins each;

-Partner wheelbarrow to the 2nd goal and back, 10 jump squats each;

– Bear Crawl to 2nd goal (5 burpees each) and back (5 burpees each).


Proceed to four station circuit:


-Run from middle of parking lot to playground, 10 pullups, run back, 20 air squats;

-Run to guard rail for 20 dips, run back, 20 air squats;

-Run to light, 30 merkins, run back, 20 air squats;

-run to bench near school, 40 LBC’s, run back, 20 air squats.


There was only enough time for about 1 ½ of these before had to mosey to Mary.




Mason Twists x 15

Squirm x 20 (I think)

Pretzel Crunch x 15 (each side)

Maybe one other



-Q had to redirect hammer and pony boy several times, as they kept getting distracted by a shiny orange disc called a Frisbee that was supposed to be used as a marker for the workout. At times they thought that was the workout, but after being remonstrated by the Q and told this activity might be better suited for F3 Dad’s events, they begrudgingly put down the flying object and rejoined the actual workout.

-The PAX almost had to physically restrain Alcatraz from trying to move the “learning cottages” that had been temporarily moved to the middle of the parking lot. Late into the evening he was still lamenting not incorporating those trailers into our workout. Apparently never considered the liability or spinal cord implications of moving these multi-ton stationary objects. I know that anything is possible with God behind you, but still this seemed to be a bit of a stretch . . .

-Looking forward to Sandman’s first Q on Saturday. For those who can join us come show your support for his virgin Q.