A proven cure for Csaupitis? The Bone Saw.

17 souls had an ailment called Csaupitis this morning.  Unfortunately, we had to resort to the bone saw.

Launch from 28th Street going South on Davidson.

Left on 24th

Left on Pinckney

Left on 25th

Left on Davidson

Repeato AMRAP.



9-Lives didn’t wait for clearance for takeoff.  He hit the burners, crossed all sorts of taxiways and got after it like a madman, determined to lead the bonesaw into turn 1.  He was Air Force strong for about 2 mins, and then succumbed to the Mortimer-nator, as did the rest of the pax.

With PrimeTime and Freepass downrange, or otherwise occupied, it was eerily quiet this morning.  The pax burrowed into their pain boxes and got after it a la Winnebago. This is definitely a gymr event.

Fenway led the armed forces contingent with a 10th Mtn Div. strong effort.  Aye.

If you’re reading this and you’re from @meca or @metro or @Area51… why weren’t you there?  This bonesaw is for everyone.  C’mon out yall.  Centrally located BRR simulation at its best, and suitable for all levels of runner.  You were missed.

All in all, we took that bone saw like men.  Be on the lookout for another bone saw opportunity in your near future.  Aye.

Goat sends.

3 thoughts on “A proven cure for Csaupitis? The Bone Saw.

  1. Winnebago

    I tried and tried to get @MECA to have representation. I have to drive tonight after putting 2.0s to bed and knew based on last time I would be risking my life to post this morning. Glad to see some fresh faces taking a taste. Yesterday at El Dorado I had a slight modification of the old kids hymn playing through my head.

    “Deep and Wide, Deep and Wide I have a Pain Cave Growing Deep and Wide, Deep and Wide!”

    It certainly applies to the #Bonesaw

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