And Then There were 4

4 iron hearted brothers looked at the other side of the pillow and told it no. Then they wished they hadn’t. Let me tell you why.

(mosey to the washout, pick a largish size rock.)

4 burpees
2 laps low carry (farmer’s carry)
4 burpees
2 laps high carry (shoulder carry)

(circle up for 2 rounds of tabata)

  1. Alternating Wood Chuckers
  2. Military Press Left
  3. Military Press Right
  4. Lunge & Twist Left
  5. Lunge & Twist Right
  6. Overhead Extension
  7. Russian Twist
  8. Goblet Squat
  9. Merkin Left
  10. Merkin right

Run into the Bear’s Den (little more than 800yds) – easy pace

Run back to the tree line (same distance) – race pace


15 minutes of challenging yoga from Deuce



Truly a maximum effort by all four gentlemen today. The first round of TABATA went 30/30, YHC decided the second round needed to be more like 45/15 with a rock exchange to mix things up. Then came the run. Run #1 was decent but YHC was really smoked on Run #2. Deuce was truly smoking us all. Who knew someone could run so fast in boots. All 4 pax paid their weekly installment whilst wishing for the other side of the pillow instead. In the words of Manatee, “I don’t think I could come up with these twisted tortures you guys imagine.” “But that’s what makes each posting fun. You dont know what to expect,” YHC tells him. Then to wrap up the day and the week, Deuce calmed us all down with a good set of YOGA for recovery. YHC is sure someone next door was YouTubing our challenging poses.

TCLAPS to Chicken Fried for the strong take out on the end.

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Thanks for the opportunity to lead you guys again.

CHUM out.