Rockin and Runnin

The Dirty Dozen gathered on a slightly cooler morning for a workout designed to build up our guns.Mosey to cul-de-sac by Baptist Association:

SSH x 20 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC
Walkouts x 5
High knees, butt kickers, and karaoke

Mosey back to the AO rock pile and select rock of choice:


4 x 100 with a rock
4 sets of 4 rock lifts x 25 for a total of 100 each lift.  Lifts consisted of rows, curls, overhead presses, and benches.  In between each set pax ran to the lower lot for a set of merkins x 25 and then back to the rock pile for a total of 100 merkins.


Peoples Chair x 1 minute

LBC x 30

Homer to Marge x 2 minutes

Freddy Mercs x 30


1.  Q was about taken out by uneven pavement at around minute 8 of the workout, my God was kind and protected the ankle.
2.  The peleton kept sending out runners to challenge Grover on the run from rock pile to lower lot and back.  Doolittle may have gotten him once, but then the good doctor was done with his challenges.
3.  Some people (Backdraft) have no respect for rocks.  Indy in particular was taking offense at his multiple rock drops.
4.  Thanks for the chance to lead and the opportunity to start my day sweating with some good fellas.