Hair Band’s “11 Is Louder” Tour stops in Mint Hill.

I rolled up around 10 after to get a feel for the AO and check out the main stage where we would crank the amps to 11.

The Thang!

Follow me! Intro the #HairbandMile to Mint Hill.

Side Straddle Hop x 15
Imperial Walkers x 20
Low Slow Squat x 20

Let’s mosey!

Stop on the fields and look who showed up… Jack Webb!
1 Merkin to 4 air presses, 2 & 8, 3 & 12 etc. up to 7 & 28. Since this is new for Mint Hill and the moans of displeasure were obvious I cut it a little short.
Ok let’s mosey…. What?! Zip-A-Dee calls out the Q for not completing until 10, Ok back down!
8 & 32, 9 & 36, 10 & 40! DONE! Let’s mosey!

Welcome to center stage! As Nigel Tufnel so proudly said…  “These go to eleven”

Line up at the bottom of the hill for 11’s.
Round 1: 1 LBC at the bottom, 10 squats at the top, then 2 LBCs & 9 squats etc. until done with sets and plank up until all are done.
10 count
Round 2: Merkins at the bottom, Carolina Dry Docks at the top
Plank when done.

Runnng out of time so no more 11s today, Booo!
Let’s mosey!
At the end of the parking lot we collect on our six for all Pax to stay together.
Freddie Mercuries x 20
Let’s mosey back near the cars!


Flutter x 25
Dolly x 20
LBCs x 20
Protractor 6″, 90, 45, 20, 6″………..Hold it!……………….DONE!

Southern Discomfort – Get signed up! 3 options there is a pre-blast on the F3 site with details.
Multiple @F3MintHill and @F3Unionco workouts each week, follow both on twitter since we are neighbors and keep at it!


First #cobains on the time mixup, the numbers on my watch started fading and got hard to read we were only about 3-4 minutes off though so you still pretty much got your moneys worth. (Remember 4th F of F3, Free)

Next, we probably did a #Hairband half mile, the full loop of the parking lot probably would be a more normal HBMile.
Background: Since I am not a runner I tried to throw everyone off during one of my Q’s by doing a soccer workout with more running than I usually do and while sprinting around half of a soccer field Zip-A-Dee yells out “Hey, is this a Hair Band Mile?” and so it was born. So this isn’t an ego thing for me, it was just them busting my chops since I’m a #Clydesdale not a #Thoroughbred. But l embraced it and then it was posted on the Exercise Lexicon:

Hairband Mile:
A Mental Marathon with an Actual Run or Jogging Distance equal to or less than 1/4 mile. Named in honor of Hairband who claims to hate running but is secretly a closet runner. (Thanks Glass Joe in Charlotte South.)

So basically a warm up/cool down or small < 1/4 mile lap during a workout.

Great work to everyone out there this morning! I have not met some of you before so it’s good to put some names and faces together and hopefully I will make it out once in a while to your AO’s.

With all the new PAX be on the lookout for Q School! You need to step up soon and lead and it’s good to know the philosophy of F3 and what is expected as you lead. (e.g. No Man Left Behind, etc.)

Zip-A-Dee, great to have you out there brother! Your #mumblechatter has been missed in the gloom. The perfect mix of encouragement and busting our chops.

Hopefully you will be thanking me if you can’t lift your arms and not cursing me! Workouts don’t get easier, you get stronger!

Continued prayers for Drop Thrill that is having some IT Band/back issues. Missed you in the #gloom today brother.

Always an honor to lead.


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  1. Hair Band Post author

    Blah blah blah, Those sitting in #fartsacks shouldn’t throw pillows. 😉
    Rest up brother we want you back out here!

    As far as the watch this is the 3rd issue I have had with it in the past 3 Q’s but never faded/glitched out that I noticed before but now somewhat explains the issues I have had.

      1. Hair Band Post author

        “I’m a trifle deaf in this ear. Speak a little louder next time.” – Willy Wonka

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