En honor de la gran Rafi

Nine PAX, 72 degrees convened at Coaltrane on this Wednesday morning…


High knees, butt kickers, soldier walks and cowboy walks

The Thang:

#1 Hauled ass to Boys and Girls parking lot via Spring Street where we performed the following: a) 10 merkin dogs b) 15 cotton pickers in cadence c) shoulder circles d) Freddie merks in cadence

#2 Ran to Wells Fargo Bank via Union Street where we performed 75 alternating burpees to wall jumps in pairs. The first pair to reach a total of 75 reps, Grover-Exit 54 pair as correctly prognosticated, allowed the PAX to cease this constant flow of burpees to wall jumps. To be clear: Grover and Exit 54 each performed approximately 37-38 burpees and 37-38 wall jumps with no pause to reach a total of 75 reps which terminated this exercise for all.

#3 Ran to Carolina Courts via Union Street and Cabarrus Ave. for fun on the steps: 10 plank ups (elbows-to-hands), jog up steps, 5 burpees and jog around loop back to bottom of steps (most did x4, but a couple men x5).

#4 Jog back to MARY: a) diamond merks (x10) b) cobra and downward facing dog c) V-ups (x10) d) “I ain’t fonda jane fonda” stretches (hint: Vietnam War reference for those not into history).

MOLESKIN: Weather relatively tolerable this morning actually. Thanks to Exit 54 for wearing a watch and keeping time. Also, I appreciate Dr. Doolittle for convincing me to audible last night via telephone the Wells Fargo station to make it more challenging. It certainly was not a smooth ride as it was my first Q this morning, but at least it was a ride and we were not stuck in neutral too long. Thanks for your patience and I hope my next Q is more organized and fluid. Indiana, I am relieved to now know that as a Q I don’t to be in the lead position: that “haul-ass” keeping up with Grover to ‘da Club gassed this over 200-lb. former offensive lineman.

               In closing, I lost my best friend, Rafi, this past Sunday. Rafi was a bad-ass 140-lb. male Rottie who was as tranquil and friendly as he was physically imposing.  Scooby and Dr. Doolittle are among the most competent and compassionate veterinarians on the planet and I am forever thankful for their wonderful care which included a weekend home visit and many phone calls and texts. When asked by me if Rafi knows he is dying, Scooby replied, “unlike us, dogs don’t feel sorry for themselves.” True indeed Scooby, and a valuable lesson for me to learn.

“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”

-Norman Vincent Peale