Concord F3 – Tower of Power

Warm up:
Jog through parking lot doing High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karioke
Hamstring stretch in parking lot, walkouts x 2, crossover leg stretch

Jog to parking lot above Hill 218 doing sidewinders on the way

Circle up: (Hill 218 parking lot)
SSH x 25
Air squats x 20
Walkouts x 10
Side plank scissors x 10 each leg

Jog to Hospital Parking Deck (lower level)

The Thang: (Tower of Power)
Station 1 sit-ups x 20
Run up stairs
Station 2 jumping lunge x 20
Karioke between stations
Station 3 merkins x 20
Run down stairs
Station 4 Brazillians x 20
Repeato (decrease reps by 5)

Round 2
Station 1 Burpees x 5
Run up stairs
Station 2 V-ups x 10
Lateral shuffle between stations
Station 3 LBC’s x 20
Run down stairs
Station 4 Mt. Climbers x 20

Mosey to Mary
Freddie Mercks x 20
Homer to Marge
1. Four faithful Pax and an adventurous FNG gathered on a wonderfully humid, 72 degree morning for a Saturday morning Tower of Power beat down.
2. Not a dry shirt today as humidity caused prolific perspiration from entire Pax.
3. Nobody complained about the sauna-like conditions inside the parking deck stairwell this morning. Not that it would have mattered. It added to the challenge of the workout. Not much time for Mary. Everyone was pretty gassed from the Tower of Power.
4. Special welcome to FNG Brandon Smith, a friend of Backdraft’s, who joined us today. Brandon kept up with Grover most of the workout! Come back soon.
5. Thanks for a great workout and allowing me to lead today. Always a pleasure.

Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 07/11/15