The Morning of 100 Burpees

12 PAX (2 FNG’s) met up for a lesson at PAIN Academy (no, not “Police Academy”) at 0530 on a balmy July Morning.



10x Side Straddle Hop

10x Windmills

10x Monkey Humpers (always a great exercise to break in FNG’s)



This morning’s workout was based around 100 reps of my least favorite exercise- the Burpee.

Grab a partner

With partner, run 10 cones with one burpee at each cone (for those of you who are mathematically challenged that’s 10 burpees)

rinse and repeat (10 more burpees)

break for 20x LBC’s

rinse and repeat (10 more burpees)

rinse and repeat (10 more burpees)

mosey over to the big concrete balls (no, not to play kickball)

partner up on a ball; 2x mericans with feet on ball and handwalk a quarter turn, repeat 5x

mosey over to wall; peoples’ chair with 30x air press

recover? oh wait, we’re just doing some squats… 10 x air squats

more peoples’ chair with 20x air press

recover. now that our quads were collectively dead, time to run and do more burpees!

mosey to track. Each pair take turns running while all others do 10 x burpees. With 6 groups, this totaled 50x burpees, for a grand total of 90. Wait… that’s 10 short!

now groups of 6 run the track while the other group does the last 10 burpees to bring us to 100. That’s better.

15x ww2 situps

15x lbc’s

Indian run around field

with partners, wheelbarrow up hill and 5 mericans at the top.

Mosey down, unless you’re Etsy, in which case you roll like a 6-year-old.



10x LBC’s

10x WW2 Situps

10x Freddy Mercuries

10 x Russian Twists

10 x Crunchy Frog



The Ole Moleskine:

1. Pretty sure my math was accurate, but at least we were close to 100 Burpees. Your mileage may vary.

2. STRONG showing by our 2 FNG’s- welcome out, Roxbury and Iceman! You both looked ready to run a marathon post-workout. Had your Q ready to tap out.

3. Thanks to Mike N Ike, Maple Syrup, Toolman, Ten-Key, and Biohazard for helping count off some of the exercises… you’re all ready to co-Q a workout or even Q yourself!

4. If that key fob belonged to one of you, and you’re still in the parking lot, locked out of your car, I left it over on the curb. Hope you find it.

5. Running Bear (name is being switched from 2nd gear) run workout at Veteran’s Park tomorrow at 0530. Kettle Bells at Idlewild Baptist Friday at 0530. Keep going strong!


1 thought on “The Morning of 100 Burpees

  1. Horsehead

    Good workout this AM. I do not want to do any more burpees this week.

    First time at Bain, and this is a great site with a lot of potential. Little track, big track, hill, giant balls . . .

    I think I saw Etsy headed back out to the field after the workout, hope he wasn’t locked out. When I passed by the hill on the way out he was walking around out there.

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