Good Old Fashion Beatdown

9 Pax presented themselves for a sweaty beatdown in the humid gloom

Mosey to Mall Parking Lot

– Lt Dan’s – a 4-1 ratio of Lunges to Air Squats (up to 5 Squats/20 Lunges)

Begin the 4×100

– Mosey to 4 points around the mall doing the following:

– Merkins x 25

– Air Squats x 25

– LBCs x 25 IC

– Mt Climbers x 25 IC

– 4th set was a “Lightening Round” of 10 each in quick succession due to time

Mosey to Mary


– one minute Wall Chair

– Child Pose to Plank x 5 (good stretch for back & Legs)

– Warrior Pose (x 2 each leg) for Balance Training

– one minute Reverse Plank


Great effort by all with everyone doing the 1.0 WOD.  Lt Dan’s are a butt kicker to start…the first couple of steps of running afterwards are no fun.  Great to be back after a 3-week break. The oxygen rich air and no 45 lb backpack made for an easy day for Q!  Prayers for Holy Cow and family as he has officially moved to Boone to start his ministry with Boone UMC…he will be missed but not forgot.  Always an honor to lead fine men,

Aye, Hipbone