Custom F3 GORUCK HTL 4/21/16 – Greatest CSAUP

It is time to raise the CSAUP bar again….

Sign up now for the Custom F3 GORUCK HTL – Heavy, Tough (Challenge), Light on 4/21/16

03/03/16 Update: We are working towards the max of 70 guys for each event, you can do the H, T or L individually, below are your options.  Get signed up now so we can fill the event and have the best GORUCK custom event for F3.  Our Cadres Jesse H, JC and Chuy are excited about another custom event and this will be Jesse’s last event before he moves overseas.

HTL – $300, Heavy Only- $200, Tough/Light – $250, Tough Only $150

GORUCK HTL is a Heavy, Tough/Challenge and Light event all back to back to back.  The event will start off with a 24+ hour Heavy which will then lead into a 12+ hour Tough/Challenge and end with a 5+ hour Light event.   Between each event you may be given a short break to clean up and refuel. If you make it to the end of the Light event you will earn the HTL patch. While it’s not exactly Selection, it still is not for everyone.

When: 4/21/16  

Thursday 2 p.m. start of Heavy

Friday 7 p.m. start of Challenge

Saturday 11 a.m. start of Light

Where: Asheville, NC

Who: F3 Nation

Why: Because we live in the greatest Country

Cost: HTL – $300, Heavy Only- $200, Tough/Light – $250, Tough Only $150

Pay via paypal as Friends & Family to and comment below with your F3 Name, Region & Paid.

** Once you have paid you will receive private GORUCK event registration page from Dallas.

Communication – Updates will be done via this post and via email once you have paid.

Questions? email Dallas at  A NoCo team is planning this event.

116 thoughts on “Custom F3 GORUCK HTL 4/21/16 – Greatest CSAUP

  1. TNT

    HC! Paid!
    If not for the 56 brothers that crushed the HEAVY with me, I’d have to think this over… But this is a no brainer! Thanks Dallas!

  2. SoCal aka Ballistic

    In, paid. Would love to see this turn into F3 Custom Heavy w/ F3 Custom Challenge w/ F3/FiA Custom Light and a thread doing the HCL.

  3. Robber

    Commenting so I can be relentlessly nagged on why I’m too big of a pussy to get in on the whole HCL biz.

    Holler at me if and when there’s a C-L option.


      1. Robber

        I’m not there… yet. I’m trying to figured out if my back would make the trip.

        At any rate, this conversation is the gateway drug to get me there.

        Seriously though, I’d do the Challenge (or Light) in a skinny minute, and I know there’s enough knuckleheads around the F3 Nation that would love to be a part of this epic event. Selling these spots would go quick once the 1st class fills up.

    1. Jolly Roger

      Well done Man Hands, welcome to the team. We need many more Clydesdales!

      All HCs need to make payment arrangements soon so we can start discussions with GoRuck.

        1. Jolly Roger

          Clydesdale = 6′ or over. You can carry the flag as long as you use your other shoulder for a log 🙂

          1. PrimeTime

            there were some smurfs/joes in the challenge that carried the log, the team weight, the flag and the water cans……..

  4. U-Haul

    Welcome to the suck guys! Glad you all are jumping aboard this stupid train wreck with us.

    Men amongst boys in this thread….

  5. Jolly Roger

    4 HCs and paid today and 2 on the way, welcome gents looking forward to some good livin’ with you guys! The #FOMO becomes reality soon. HC to be part of the biggest #CSAUP to date!

    1. PrimeTime

      Start wearing your ruck to work, every day now. Add 5lbs a week until you can’t pick it up anymore, then grab a rr tie, or fresh cut 8ft log and start doing situps, squats, and overhead presses with it.

      1. No Help

        Prime Time keeps on commenting, so he must be in there like swimwear for this event! Can’t wait to pee my pants next to you for 48ish hours!

  6. Jedi

    Paid = HC
    “The joy of the Lord is my strength. His power is made perfect in my weakness.”

  7. SoCal aka Ballistic

    Definitely Patrick…not. I say good ol’ Kevin (confirming he’s the guys who’s done 4+ F3 GoRuck events).

    1. Malfunction Junction

      Awesome Robber. Don’t worry you can sign up for the others later:) Where’s all your Columbia brethren?? Need some EH help?

    1. No Help

      I’m sure there’s an edit button to change that to HTL, and I’m sure Dallas will let you pay for the rest so you can do all of them.

  8. Jolly Roger

    All, if you have HCd for this event please send an email to worleyjoshuat at gmail dot com with your t-shirt size.

    Also, we have to get payment to Go Ruck in the coming weeks so we need to get the HCs to pay asap.


    1. Punkin Spice

      Hey brother, you may want to edit your post and take that ‘t’ off of worleyjoshuat. #justsaying #joshuat

  9. John Roeder Post author

    Men, we have paid GORUCK and now approaching the max of 70 guys, tell your PAX to get signed up with one of these options. Happy New Year!!

    HTL – $300, Heavy Only- $200, Tough/Light – $250, Tough Only $150

  10. Pacer

    I’m already locked into the Greenville, SC Tough & Light on the same weekend. Is there a way for me to transfer mine to this? Or do I have to transfer my others to something else and then pay separately for these. I could not find them on the GORUCK site.

    1. Huffy

      GORUCK won’t let you transfer a public event to a custom event, so you would need to transfer your event to another public event.

    2. Jolly Roger

      I have an email in to GoRuck to ask but like Huffy said, I believe under their new rules you would have to transfer it to another open event to get the credit. I will let you know what I hear.

  11. Jolly Roger

    All: just wanted to confirm launch point for all three phases is Pack Square Park in downtown Asheville.

    Padre has the flag bearer weight
    Dallas and I will have the maps, 50lb team weight, shovel flag.

    Two weeks! #pya

  12. Schedule C

    Can someone offer up logistics? Some of us (me) will only be doing the Heavy and then heading back Friday night/Saturday morning after resting up. Where are you guys parking/staying, etc?

    1. Jolly Roger

      Schedule C, about 40 of us are staying at Sweet Pea’s Hostel on Lexington Ave. Not sure about the others. There will probably be limited shower space there but hopefully we will have about 5 hours inbetween events. From BRR times I remember the YMCA downtown does $5 showers, not sure if that is a BRR thing or just anytime.

      Parking is all over the place but we will be parking in the deck right behind the hostel.

      Are you heading home after the heavy or sticking around?

      1. Schedule C

        Awesome, thanks! Plan is still evolving but I was looking for a place to crash for a while after the Heavy. I wouldn’t want to drive home after being up for that long. Nap + Aspirin.

  13. U-Haul

    2 WEEKS!!

    1. Will anyone be in Asheville Wed night (4/20)

    2. Anything special being done for Cadre Jesse aka Flutter since this is his last event stateside before going to Okinawa

    1. Jolly Roger

      1. Not sure, I am planning on going up Thursday AM.
      2. We have F3 Pint glasses and event shirts for the 3 cadre. What did you have in mind for Jesse?

  14. U-Haul

    1. I will most likely be up there Wed night sometime and sleeeeeeeep well into Thursday if possible lol.

    2. Nothing in particular….was wondering as I personally had not seen anything but I probably missed it.

  15. Schedule C

    For the Heavy packing list they have this: “All participants will bring an extra set of warm clothes. These clothes will be placed into a trash bag and placed in the vehicle that you arrive to the start point in. If for some reason you quit, these clothes will be readily available. You will provide the trash bag as well as what vehicle these clothes get stored in. The trash bags need to be marked and will be inspected at the initial inspection.”

    I wanted to make sure we were doing this or if we had a plan in place for this. It sounds like most of us won’t be close enough to put these clothes BACK in our car after inspection. Can anyone offer info on this? Thanks!

    1. No Help

      For the Bragg Heavy Cadre Dan wanted us to have it even though quitting was not authorized and we wouldn’t be anywhere near our cars once we left the starting point. He didn’t check it, just said to have it in your car.

      So just like at the Bragg Heavy, quitting is not authorized so there won’t be any need for the clothes.

  16. Lex Luthor

    Last year I did not pack a bag with extra clothes for the Charleston Heavy and I don’t believe that anyone else did either. Hope this helps. Lex Luthor

      1. Jolly Roger

        This was a requirement for the GRH064 last year, but most of us ignored it. Will confirm with Cadre that this is not required since we don’t have any quitters.

      2. U-Haul

        Actually an old requirement that just kept getting passed down. I’ve never heard of any cadre actually check for it except Bert.

  17. U-Haul

    We have the start point but any idea on endex location after the Heavy?? Feel unorganized on logistics for getting back to the hostel to change gear, rides, food, etc. Thoughts…?

  18. Jolly Roger

    Launch points will be Pack Square Park for all three events, assume endex would be close to that. Hostel is about .3mi away. So I don’t plan on getting in my car until Sunday AM.

    For guys staying in the hostel, the shadows should be taking care of getting us checked in and have some food. I would suggest parking in the parking deck directly behind the hostel at 23 Rankin Ave. Then you can grab your gear, change of clothes and keep it at the hostel during the Tough. Same thing between the Tough & Light, will have some food ready when we are done.

      1. Jolly Roger

        That is my understanding Huffy.

        That being said, I believe we have 2 open beds at the Hostel. First come first serve.

    1. Jolly Roger

      Thursday 2 p.m. start of Heavy

      Friday 7 p.m. start of Challenge

      Saturday 12 p.m. start of Light

  19. Jolly Roger

    Per Jesse, you don’t need a trash bag with your name on it at admin, but every one needs a dry layer of clothes with them. I suggest a dry bag. Oh yeah and PYA

  20. Lex Luthor

    In an earlier post Jolly Roger mentioned that the YMCA allows for $5 showers.
    Just called and confirmed that the downtown Y (woodfin st) which is 0.4 miles from the Sweet Pea hostel will allow all North Carolina YMCA members can use their facility.
    You need to bring your YMCA membership card and they can log you in at the front desk.
    This gives some extra flexibility on getting everyone showered up in between events or after it is all over.

  21. U-Haul

    What does everyone think about having a picture of a Veteran in everyone’s ruck to honor this event with? It takes minimal effort but has maximum impact.

    How awesome would it be to have gear inspection by Cadre and have them see 50+ guys with pictures of Veterans?

    Its not about us right???

  22. No Help

    Cadre Jesse just posted about needing MOH biography and citations from the Special Operations Memorial. Looking like six total for the team, but that is just an assumption. Said they need to be laminated as well, I suppose we may get wet.

    1. PrimeTime

      is this not for everyone? His post says……

      F3 Team,

      Those of you who plan on completing the HTL series; You are required to choose 6 Medal of Honor recipients from this wall in this photo. Print and laminate (weather proof) their biography and MOH citation.

      is it a team requirement or an individual requirement?

  23. U-Haul

    CONGRATS to our F3 HTL finishers!! Incredible weekend. Also Congrats to those finishing the individual events.

    If you completed the HEAVY, send me your address and I’ll send ya a red spearhead decal.

    Congrats again brothers!!

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