No Burpee Guarantee

Warm Up:

Mosey to end of the parking lot

– cross legs stretch 10sec each side

– quad stretch 10 sec each side

The Thang:

Mosey to Forest Hill

Introducing new pain to our arsenal with:

– Happy Jacks x10 (4 SSH, 2 jump squats)

– Daft Punk x5 (Around the World lunges- Rt foot forward, out to the right and then to the back, left leg back, out to the left and then forward)

– Imperial Squat Walker x10

(squat- stand and bring the right elbow to the left knee, squat- stand and bring the left elbow to the right knee… and that’s one.


Mosey to the Bum Wash for some Core-nography

Core Ciabatta

4 exercises, 4 sets- 20 sec of burn /10 sec rest in between sets with 45 sec rest between exercises

– pretzel crunch

(Start on your six with your legs bent at 45 and left foot on the right knee. Left arm goes straight back and the right hand on the back of your head. Bring the right elbow to the left knee. Switch on the next set.)

– crunchy frog

– Double Deerticks (use both hands simultaneously)

– KGB twist (KGB sighting… it happened!!)


Mosey back to AO for … wait for it…. more CORE!!


– Homer>Marge>Mr Burns

(Just as it sounds except… From the Marge position, lean your legs to the right side, turn your head to the left ¬†and hold- back to Marge and switch sides for Burns again.)

– LBFC x20

(LBC with flutter kicks while you crunch)

– superman/banana


11 faithful jumped on the Coal Train and took advantage of my “no burpee, no merkin” guarantee on a beautiful Wednesday morning. The focus of the workout was to keep our hands off the ground. So what does that mean? Attempted murder of quads and abs. A burp was said to be a compliment to the chef. If that’s the case, I’ll take all the farts as a compliment to the Q. KGB, who had probably been up for 3 hours already, made a surprise appearance. Good to see you, bro!

It was our pleasure to welcome S2 to our workout this AM. Thanks for the opportunity to lead


Bay City