Bain Pain Train!

The shovel flag was plan…plante…planted and 14 men wandered around in the gloom for a wee bit.


Mosey around PL with side steps

COP- Burpee Ladder


9… and down to 1

The Thang

Mosey to small wall with railing

Those that wanted more pain stayed to the south

Merkins…regular…feet on wall halfway up…feet on top of wall

Feet down and pop up

repeato x 10

Mosey to small wall

Squat ladder 10 to 1 with a wall jump in between each set

Mosey to building in field

Wall sit with air press x 15IC

Take a few steps to PL

Partner Up


1 pax 10 merkins, other pax, while holding feet of partner, 1 squat…down to 1 merkin and 10 squats #crowdpleaser


Few more steps to BB hoops

Bear Crawl to 1st hoop…10 squats

Bear Crawl to 2nd hoop…10 CCD’s


Suicide Run BB hoops


LBC x 15IC

Squirm x 15IC

BBC x 10IC (YHC out of breath, didn’t make it to 15)

Peter Parker x 15IC

Parker Peter x 15IC


– Thanks for having Q a Mint Hill workout. It’s always a pleasure meeting new f3 brothers from other AO’s

– Kotters to Candy Crush, goo d to have you back out in the gloom

– TClaps to Levi (FNA Kelly Carothers) We knew you were struggling but you pushed and didn’t quit. Hopefully you’ll be back out

– To all the men of Mint Hill, Thanks again for having me. You have a great group down there, pushing each other to give more than they believe they have. Wonderful support all around

1 thought on “Bain Pain Train!

  1. Drop Thrill

    Thanks Beast Man for bringing the pain. Looking forward to the GORUCK Challenge together with you and a bunch of F3ers in 23 days. Eek!

    It was surreal being back at Bain, I went to kindergarten there and moved to Clear Creek for the rest of elementary school (they couldn’t handle Young DT).

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