What is your favorite shape?


11 pax gathered on a clear warm morning

Warmup:  Mosey around ASEC learning 7 fun stations

SSH X 20

Cotton Pickers x 10

Mountain Climbers x 20

Thang: While circling ASEC with your buddy complete the 7 fun stations

  1. Situps with sandbag handing to buddy for overhead press x 20
  2. Tractor Tire jumps x 20
  3. Reverse bear crawl and forward bear crawl up and down back hill
  4. Burpees x 10
  5. Balls to Wall with small hand steps x 20
  6. Rock Curls x 20
  7. Partner Derkins x 10 (each)

PAX completed 2 ½ circuits

Mary:  Brazilians x 20, Homer to Marge 1 ½ minutes, Upward Dawg

Moleskin:  I believe great fun had by all.  Indy kept complaining that Skinner and I were cheating while our newest F3er, Mounty, was debating during Mary whether or not he wanted to call Earl to join us.  Skinner disliked the Tire jumps the most.  That is where the full body 7 fun stations are so entertaining because all in F3 have areas that they enjoy the most.  I believe Deertick is the biggest fan of Balls to the Wall with hand steps.

As always much fun interacting with you fine men and I look forward to our next adventure.