Deertick's Ladder Test

11 faithful PAX ventured out of the sack to endure the ladder test…


Mosey around the campus while doing karaoke, high knees, skip jumps

Circle up:

  • Slap Jacks x 20
  • Stretch
  • IST x 20
  • Spider Merkens x 10

Mosey to the hill on campus


1st Ladder:

  • run up the hill, do 10 burpees at the top
  • run down the hill, 1 merken at the bottom
  • REPEATO, decreasing by one burpee and increasing by one merken each time, until you reach 1 burpee / 10 merkens

Mosey to the pull-up bars – pull-ups x 5

Mosey to the rock pile

2nd Ladder:

  • Beginning at the grate, do 10 curls w/ rock, set rock on the grate and run down the hill to the ASEC sign, do 1 squat, run back to the grate
  • REPEATO, decreasing by one curl and increasing by one squat each time until you reach 1 curl / 10 squats

Return rock

Bear crawl to Mary


  • Rockers x 10
  • Deer ticks x 10
  • LBC x 10
  • Brazilians x 20


Great effort by all.  Thanks for allowing me to lead this fine group of men.  Doolittle, are you in Charleston or are you still watching baseball?  Grover, I forgive your absence and I hope you didn’t rely on my alternator recommendation.

Aye –