Survival in Muggle Flucka

11 PAX posted on a soupy hot humid pre dawn at 76 degree F.

Each PAX grabs a paver (avg wt 9lb) and runs with paver held with both hands alternating in front or with paver overhead  0.8 mile to Muggle Flucka gates.  Paver is dropped half way down the big hill at the turn or switchback.

PAX COP at bottom near bridge for some warmoramee and debrief on the mornings survival test.

Slap Jacks x 15

Rock Hoppers x 15


20 Minute Survival Sweat Test

Descending Ladder with 2 stations starting at 10 reps

Station 1: Bottom of Hill near bridge

10 V Ups

Sprint AYG up hill to half way point to top of hill (approx 100 yards)

Light jog ( recovery) from there to top of Muggle to Station 2

Station 2: TOP of Muggle Flucka

10 Jump Squats

Light jog all the way back down to Station 1

RINSE AND REPEAT Descending to 9, 8,7, 6 reps.

TIME called at 605am

Grab paver and return to Coal Train with Quadromania on street by post office going back.


Core Killers x 10


1. This really hurt.  AYG sprints up a hill for 100 yards no es easy in this heat.  PAX got gift from mother nature in that it was cooler at the bottom of the hole.

2. Great effort by all with special shout out to FNG Greg Kind and Photon for grinding it out without a whine or peep.

3. Dr Doolittle was smokin fast on the first sprint and then a goner.

4. Kudos to Exit 54 for leading all the way start to finish. Psycho T was right behind.

5. Running with paver with both hands enganged was used to engage all muscle groups. This burns alot for O2 and results in a higher HR and pain due to lactic acid build up.  Good endurance torture.  Our total mileage was 3.41 miles with total ascent of

6. As always thanks for giving it your all and allowing me to be your Q. It was an honor