Hit the Deck with the Deck of Cards

Nine PAX navigated the fallen trees and power lines to post on this fine Tuesday morning…


  • Mosey to the lower lot, COP: SSH x 26
  • Mosey to the upper lot, COP: IST x 20
  • Mosey to the back lot, COP: Cotton Pickers x 15
  • Mosey to the shelter


Circle up in the shelter and take turns drawing a card from the deck of cards.  For any card 4-10, we do that many merkens.  Jack = 11 merks, Queen = 12, King = 13.  An ace means repeat whatever amount you just did, deuce means double the previous amount, three means triple it.

We went around the circle with all nine men drawing a card, and banging out merken sets accordingly.  Once everyone drew a card, we did a repeat round of the same thing except we swapped in bench dips for merkens.  Then another round of merkens, followed by another round of bench dips, followed by still another round of merkens.  Five rounds total, 45 of the 52 cards were drawn.  We did more merks and dips then I could ever try to keep count of.  We managed to get pretty lucky with the deuces and triples, not all were drawn and they rarely followed a high rep card.  Still gonna be some sore chests and triceps in the Concord area today.  Major props to Bay City, who appears immune to merken fatigue and failure.


  • In-and-outs w/ hold for 90 seconds
  • Alternating scissor kick w/ hold for 90 seconds


Pretty brutal upper-body shredder today.  I told the guys I was at the beach this past weekend and noticed my chest had gotten scrawny, so we were just doing this to help me overcome my insecurities.  Usually I try to come up with a workout that is rigorous but also fun to the point you don’t notice the pain as much.  Managed to accomplish one of those two goals today – it was definitely tough but it was not remotely fun and it definitely did suck.  Good news is Indy has the Q tomorrow, and has already decreed it will be a merken-free Wednesday.

Thanks to the eight of you who made it out.  Doolittle – we were wondering where you were this morning.  We’ve narrowed the possibilities to (1) Charleston, naturally… and (2) sleep-deprived and hung over after staying up too late to watch the Wahoos lose.  Check in with us when you can.

Aye –

/Exit 54