Rock Golf

Three pax met up for a friendly game of rock golf at Veteran’s Park this morning at 700



Windmill x 11

Imperial Walker x 10

stretch on your own

Grab a “rock buddy” from the ditch- advised not to be too ambitious since these rocks would be our companions for the rest of the morning.


The Thang:

A tour of the Veterans Park golf course, rock-style

Hole 1

mosey with rocks held high up

rock presses x 30

rock squats x 30

Hole 2

lunge up hill holding rock

rock curls x 30

rock rows x 30

rock chin rows x 30

single-handed rock curls x 20

Hole 3

mosey down hill while passing rock from arm to arm

rock tricep raises x 15

rock mericans x 10

prone rock presses x 15

Hole 4

roll the rock up hill

rock leg raises x 15

rock crunches x 15

rock reverse bowing x 15

Hole 5

karaoke (switch halfway) with rock

rock curls x 15

rock tricep extensions x 10

rock single arm curls x 14

rock squats x 15

Hole 6

lunges while holding rock up high

rock reverse bowing x 15

alligator crawl 20 yards

rock situps x 15

Hole 7

stop at every fencepost (about 50) for a rock squat and a rock press

one-armed bear crawl holding rock- 20 yards each arm

reverse rock bowdowns

rock mericans x 10

Hole 8

walk backwards holding the rock outstretched away from body

rock leg lifts

prone rock presses x 15

14 x single arm rock curls

15 x rock rows

15 x rock chin rows

Hole 9

mosey in while passing rocks around; surprised at the amount of coordination here from tired arms.

15 x rock presses



LBC’s x 15

Freddy Mercuries x 15



Well, we did about every rock workout that there is… and some that have just begun. Fun way to spend a morning!

Remember, run workout starts next Thursday and Mint Hill Metal starts Friday!