Jungle N… wait what?

5 Harrisburg stumblers met for a Corona beat down at Harrisburg’s best Mexican restaurant.

Some (mostly) Highlights:

  • YHC was the only one comfortable on the patio mea culpa #globalwarmingisinyourmind
  • Blackberry vs. iPhone. android had no discussion
  • All the old farts  experienced gentlemen reminisced about gas prices under $1
  • Southern (not the Yankeefied)  pronunciation of local place names such as Cheraw and Mebane
  • Present location not included but the relative rate of hole-in-the-wall joints having the best food around
  • Titleist showed up with a comment giving us our title (pun intended) gotta show to know but I was there and I wish I didn’t know, so ymmv.

Always an honor. Peace.