Asheville Spartan Race – August 29, 2015

What: Spartan Race, Super Distance.  That’s 8+ miles with 15+ obstacles in the mountains of North Carolina.

When: August 29, 2015, 8:00 a.m. (see below for F3 team start time)

Why: Because we have been waiting for this race for 2 years and it will be totally CSAUP!

Event Q: Mini-Me out of NoCo is the F3 Team Captain.

Ready for a challenge?  This race is it!  We are talking 8+ miles of grind.  Don’t be the guy who regrets passing up this opportunity to test yourself and see what your made of.  The Spartan Super is Spartan’s intermediate distance race.  It’s hard. And, honestly, I think this one (in the mountains of North Carolina) will be harder than most.   That’s why you should do it.  After countless hours in the gloom with your F3 brothers you are ready and you will finish this race.  Tell the stories for the rest of your life.

If that isn’t enough, Asheville and a world of craft breweries await only a few miles down the road.  This is a great destination race.  Make a weekend of it and bring the family.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Go register at this link:

2) Sign on under the “F3” team name: George Bell (aka Mini-Me) is team captain.

3) Register under the 8:00 a.m. start time

4) Post a comment on this page letting the world know you are up for the challenge

5) Discounts?  We don’t have one arranged with Spartan.  Google the web and see what you can find.

For those interested in a little information about the race venue, here is the summary Spartan provides:

“Welcome to Grove Stone & Sand Company. Grove Stone is one of the grittiest courses in the Spartan venue. With some of the steepest slopes and rocky terrains throughout the venue, it’s as difficult slowing down while running as it is to speed up. Grove Stone has a variety of washed and screened granite materials which are traditionally used to help with building needs, but will be used for primal Spartan challenges during the race.”

Here is a link to Grove Stone & Sand Company if you would like a look at the venue.

Yeah — so get your head around that. Then go sign up.

If you have any question please post in the comments.  I will monitor this post and answer anything I can.  Also, feel free to email me at

That is all.

Spooky Jon

29 thoughts on “Asheville Spartan Race – August 29, 2015

  1. scrappy

    Aye Spooky. I have the Q. The M.’s are invited as well to come and sit and relax in Asheville while the men race at the Spartan in Black Mountain.

    Crack (@daveplummer_F3nation) is looking for accommodations in Asheville. Please reach out to him if you are open to renting a house. Some of us are also staying at the Grove Park Inn as well.

    Get a babysitter and make a weekend out of it. As @Friday in NoCo says, “If you don’t date your wife, someone else will.” #GYMR on both fronts (1st F and M.).

    There are a ton of great breweries in the area. Maybe someone else will step up and organize an after event lunch from 12-3.

    According to Crack, we have about 6 guys from NoCo who will be there.

    Please reply on this thread as an “HC” if you are in for this race.

    – HC.

    Scrappy (George Bell)


    1. Abacus_Metro

      2 Questions

      1) Anyone have anything planned on Friday for dinner? I’m thinking carbs, maybe pizza.

      2) anyone staying in downtown Asheville want to let me clowncar with you to the starting line? I’ll be at the aloft.

  2. Champagne

    Scrappy – I’ll reach out because I know I’m interesting in finding a place and making a weekend out of it. What better way to recover from a Spartan race than visiting the many breweries there are in Asheville. If I’m able to say, I’ll get with Chris from Good Bottle and see if can setup some behind the scenes tours.

  3. Spooky Jon Post author

    My bad Scrappy. Glad you have it back on track. For guys down at the Fort, Chaser is organizing your crew. Metro guys can reach out to me in addition to Scrappy.

  4. Longshanks

    If you want 15% off your Spartan Race Entry use promo code SR0073. I’m one of the guys from The Fort and already registered. I will be running the 7:30 elite heat as part of Team Athletics8, but I hope to see you guys there.

  5. RentACop

    HC for Spartan and staying for the weekend. Love Shack and myself from Race City with our M’s are heading up Friday night and staying through Sunday.

  6. Longshanks

    FYI – Spartan Race just made the Sunday race down in Winnsboro a Sprint instead of a Super. So do this Super in Asheville and then do Saturday Beast and Sunday Sprint to earn your Spartan Trifecta.

  7. Markup

    HC. I registered previously but had to get it changed to Asheville. They are working to get me with the F3 team. I am looking forward to the race.

  8. Abacus_Metro


    What posts are you guys doing to train? Anything in particular? I am a FNG, but have posted twice.

  9. Bolt

    Here’s a J4 Special link to get $30 off a Super…$20 off Sprint, $40 off Beast…deadline for discount is 7/8.

    GL e1. Not in the plans to do this one, but prob the Beast in Nov.

  10. scrappy

    Aye brothers.
    Champagne-any brewery tour lined up?
    Abacus-hit F3 3-4 times a week (include one WIB) and you’re good. Do you know how to climb a rope using your legs? I can do some rope training any weekend at Grace Covenant Church in Cornelius. Let me know.
    I’m staying at the Grove Park with the M. I want to organize a dinner at the Sunset Terrace around 8pm. Plz DM me @scrappyF3 if interested so I can make reservations for Sat. Night.
    Also, where are the solo dudes staying? I have a few stragglers looking to crash and the M. already called BS on overnight guests crashing in our hotel room. #GYMR

  11. Ickey Shuffle

    I’m in. I’ll try and get my wave time changed to the morning one. There’s a living social deal out there for $79 but I found out it’s only good for the 1:30 wave.

  12. GoGreeneGo

    Revolution/Shelby will be there with bells on. GoGreenego, Tooltime, Slim (Slowfade), Thorton, Merlin, and Devito are a #HC
    Couple are nursing injuries but coming anyway.
    If you’re not up to full strength but want to participate, or just want to do it for a cause bigger than self accomplishment consider running with who will be assisting adaptive athlete Justin Falls in being the first quadraplegic to earn a trifecta.
    YHC is planning to run it full force first thing, then circle back around and catch the MHTS crowd to assist, they will be out there trudging along most of the day.

  13. The Farm

    I’ll be there from Davis Lake/MECA region. Any men staying Saturday? Would be great to get together Sat night.

  14. Abacus_Metro

    Is anyone going to clowncar it from Asheville to the race? I’m looking for a ride. I’ll have a ride after the race.

    Another PAX also suggested after the race we go to Pisgah Brewing. Its just down the road from the event parking.

  15. Champagne

    Pisgah is right around the corner – Tap Room opens at noon. Keep in mind they are cash only – no CCs. I think we would be up for swinging by on the way back to Clt.

    Scrappy – sorry for the late reply – M pulled the plug on me staying over Saturday night. We have our house on the mkt and was told to get back home Saturday.

    For the guys staying in Asheville Saturday night, if you haven’t been, you need to hit Wicked Weed – awesome food and beer. Right next to the Orange Peel

  16. Spooky Jon Post author

    I hate it but I have to drop out the this one. Bronchitis has won this round. Hope to see you all at the Beast in Winnsboro in November.

  17. Champagne

    Brother – hate to hear it, you will be missed – rest up and get better. Will see you at the Beast in Winnsboro.

  18. Sponge Bob

    Won’t be staying up in Asheville. Will have to make it a quicker trip. Was planning on going straight over to Wicked Weed after the race with another Greenville, SC guy in case anyone is over thatta way. Need to pick up some rare bottles.

  19. scrappy

    Aye brothers. The shovel flag will be planted near the check-in. Please read instructions on check-in and double confirm that you are in the Saturday 8:30AM wave.

    Meet near the bag check-in at 8:00 for a quick COT at 8:10.

    While on the course remember that you represent F3. Help out a fallen competitor when you get the chance, please watch your language (this is for me), and when in doubt, plank it out if running with a pack of men.

    I’m sure we will naturally separate when the gun goes off at the start. Find a partner before or during the race and push each other.

    After the race, several Pax will be heading into Asheville for beers or lunch or both. See you men on the course.

    Let’s get after it. Chippendale will be the only way to go on Saturday.


  20. Longshanks

    Will not be there for COT as I’m running I the Eite Heat. Will plant my flag with everyone else’s and see you after race. See you soon my brothers. Aroo!! Aye!!

  21. Markup

    I know this is a dumb question but I have never done a Spartan Super before. Do you really need a hydration pack? I have done a few Sprints and it was not needed but I wanted to check. I am looking forward to starting with everyone and know we will have a great time!

    1. Spooky Jon Post author

      Spartan is usually pretty good about having enough water on the course. I carried a hydration pack for the Beast one year and it was a royal pain in the rear. I lost it somewhere along the way in fact.

      I would carry some type of fuel. 8 miles can fool you in these races and they can take longer than you think they will. Carry something in bite sizes in sealed zip locks. Portions in each back should be what you will eat at one time. You don’t want to have to reseal. Anything unsealed will be too dirty to eat. Good luck.

      1. The Farm

        Yeah I got a pack for tomorrow but I think I’m going to make a game time decision about using it. The forecast is good and I’m a bit worried about it getting in the way. I would love to return it next week 🙂

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