What goes up, must come down…….and sometimes it stays down

“What goes up, must come down…….and sometimes it stays down”
10 brave souls ventured out into the Sahara like conditions this morning to experience one of physics most consistent laws…..gravity. The 2.0’s bravely accepted the 1.0 challenge, and we all got down to it
– Mini loop around the ASEC lot
– Circle up for 25 side straddle hops in cadence
– Another mini loop
– Soldier walk, which broke into butt kickers, which broke back into a mosey and ended up at Indi’s truck for a surprise
Each member of the Pax picked out their very own special friend (paver)…I’m guessing average weight of 10-15#/ paver….Deertick would likely estimate at 30-40#
The Thang
An eager pax, excited to have their new friend in hand, mosied (sp?) to the largest hill we could find (large grassy hill at the base of the hospital). We all agreed  that when it comes to hills, go big or go home.
Once our testing ground was established…the pax partnered up
The work-out was essentially two work-outs in one. One partner would work though WOD #1 until his partner finished the 2nd WOD, they’d then switch workouts, and continue to cycle through until time was called (~30 mins of The Thang).
WOD 1 – 20 Air Squats (butts dropping below parallel), 10 Hand release push-ups, 5 burpees
             –   The partner would continue to repeat this set until his partner finished the 2nd leg
              –  On average we were able to knock out 2-3 rounds of this before our partners returned
WOD 2 – This portion was based off of a suicide but incorporated a large hill, a paver, and lots of burpees…
            –    With paver held above the head, arms extended, pax ran up the hill at its steepest point, to the beginning of the parking lot (First line of suicide) where they sat their rocks down, and then did 5 burpees
           –  back down the hill to the side walk where they grabbed their partners paver and headed back up the hill. At the parking lot, they sat down their 2nd paver and continued running to the first planter ( 2nd line of the suicide) where again, they dropped and did 5 burpees
          – In suicide fashion we ran back to edge of lot, and then it was off to the second planter….where you guessed it….5 more burpees.
         –   Then they headed back to pick up both of their pavers, back down the hill and with great excitement handed off the pavers to their partner who would then begin the suicide wod, while they would jump back into WOD 1
I think all partners were able to make it through at least 3-4 rounds
– We then mosied/shuffled/walked back to the ASEC lot
– 15 LBC’s in cadence
– front plank 30 secs
– right sided plank 30 secs
– left sided plank 30 secs
The sweltering conditions certainly made today’s workout that much sweatier! I for one was gassed, legs were shot, and felt that it was a fairly tough work out…Deertick…huffing and puffing, however, informed me that it was actually easy….it was just really hot….thanks buddy! Big shout out to the 2.0’s for stepping up to the plate and taking on today’s beat down. Probably my crowning moment as Q today was seeing Exit bent over, hypoxic, and appearing almost human as he debated dropping down for another burpee. Bay City continues to round into form, and was really impressive through today’s workout. Despite all we endured, the paver run back up to the church may have been the worst, or was at least icing on a big fat cake of pain.
Special shout outs to El Abogodo, Grover, and Scooby…….FARTSACKIN’ Fools….that makes 2 Q’s for me now, and two fartsacks for all three of you!
Due to severe sweaty man syndrome…Indi wisely raised a fist in solidarity as opposed to embracing one another…which may have been the saving grace for those on brink of calling earl.
Please keep Ma Belle and Captain America and their family in your prayers as they head over to spain, in an effort to spread the good word.
Also, continued prayers for Colt 45 as his training is ramping up and deployment is likely a month a way
Again, it was a pleasure and honor…can’t thank Indi enough for getting me into F3….and all of you for holding me accountable and always being supportive!
Aye ,