Ghost Flag – NC

Tomorrow the North Carolina Ghost Shovel Flag will officially be in play.

Rules of the Ghost Flag

  1. 5 or more pax from a different region must post at the ghost flag’s location to claim it
  2. For right now we are going to make the boundaries  Gastonia (West),  Statesville (North),  Concord (East), and Ballentyne (South).  *Sorry Fort Mill/Shelby/Hickory, If you want to get in on this, state your claim, I’m open to suggestions.
  3. Do your best to coordinate it so that the ghost flag makes to a workout everyday.  Tag it on in a preblast with the hashtag #f3ghostflag to let the other regions know where it’s at.  Hoping someone with more power than me can make a Ghost flag tag for the backblasts to help track the movement.

Tclaps to Sadiq from Swamp Rabbit who invented the original Ghost Flag for the upstate South Carolina pax.  This idea is 100% stolen from him.  You can follow the original Ghost Flag on twitter @f3ghostflag.

If you have an idea to make this better let me know.


Silver Bullet

6 thoughts on “Ghost Flag – NC

  1. Silver Bullet Post author

    Ghost Flag will make it’s V Appearance at Mad Scientist in Isotope tomorrow. Discovery Place Kids. Come and get it.

  2. The Farm

    Great idea brothers! One question…what if more than five men from multiple AOs show? Who gets the flag?

  3. Silver Bullet Post author

    Good point. I’d say whoever has more pax gets the flag, if it’s even then maybe some type of friendly competition. Tunnel of love race could get interesting.

  4. Silver Bullet Post author

    I’ve had some interest in adding Shelby and hickory to the mix. So we’re gonna do that for now. Sorry ft mill but the idea would be that rock hill/indian land/ft mill would make their own ghost flag. #makingrulesupasigo

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