#MuthashipMonday Preblast: 21 Guns

Here’s what is in store tomorrow.

Muthaship Mile (#AYG-ish) in and up to the top of the dizzyback … hold in the middle of the parking deck for the six (with no doubt some core work thrown in)…and a re-hash of these instructions.

Then we will run a modified “21 Guns” workout (tip of the hat to Team RWB/SpartanRace for the idea), Muthaship style:

Run down stairwell of Muthaship.

Upon exit, run across 6th street to the half-circle wall area behind ImaginOn and execute:  21 push-ups (reg-U-LAR, not derkin variety) and 21 jump-ups.

Run up 6th Street, cross LYNX tracks and make right turn behind 7th Street Station Parking lot…run to the rails at the end of 7th Street Station and execute:  21 supine pull-ups

Run back to the Muthaship spiral and head up … at the top of the deck, run to the middle of the deck and execute:  21 cross-fit/hand release burpees

Congratulations, that’s 1 lap.  Run as many as you can (partial credit will be awarded) until 6:08 and then head back home.