360 Degrees of Pain – Revisited

15 PAX came out on a nice spring morning of 68 degrees for a high rep beat down in the gloom.

Mosey around Parking Lot (High Knee, Butt Kickers)

Warm Up

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Plank Jacks x 20 IC
  • Arm Circles

2.0s Mosey to Block Pile (4) landscape block (10-12 lbs each), then to shelter. 1.0 Mosey long way to Shelter, pick up (8) Concrete Blocks (35 lbs each) from Gloom-colored Chevy

The Thang (4 Compass Points with 90 reps at each Station for 360 Reps, Plank upon completion  until all Pax are done)

North – Merkins (one each of Inclined, declined and basic) x 15, Dips x 15                                     (Repeato x 3)

East – Mountain Climber x 15, Squat Lifts with Landscape Block x15 (Repeato x 3)

South – Alternating Merkins x 15, OH Press with Concrete Block x 15 (Repeato x3)

West – Lunges x 15, Concrete Block Curls x 15 (Repeato x 3)

Speed Round! – Once more around the compass with 5 reps of each exercise without


Return Blocks, Mosey to Mary


  • Jack Knife x 10 IC
  • Low flutter, Hello Dolly, Homer to Marge with no recovery between
  • LBCs x 15 IC


Pretty quite group this AM once the arm smoke-fest began. Designed to push you to failure in short order, this one gassed the Q for it to not have much running – washing my hair the shower afterwards was harder than most mornings! PAX was moving quick this AM with the Thang taking only 17 minutes, hence the bonus Speed Round. Awesome to see and lead a large group of faithful men. Welcome to Colt .45…guess we will see him in 6 months or so as he is headed to Specialist School. Also, good luck to Bear Meat as he heads to Alaska for the summer tomorrow. Prayers for Psycho-T and Family as they celebrate his grandmother’s life today – all 93 years – and lay her to rest.

Dismissed, Hipbone