Brady Bunch Gone Bad

A glorious, post-rain morning for the 12 PAX that rolled out forWednesday’s fun
Warm Up

Run to the end of the lot
    High knees/ butt kickers

Hillbillies x20
SSH x20
Cotton pickers x20
Mosey to parking deck.
The Thang: The Brady Bunch starts on the first floor with, In cadence:
Merkins 10x.

LCB 15x
Goblet squats 10x.
Crunchy Frogs 15x.
Burpees 5x
KGB twist 15x
Run up to the next level. Repeato to the Top floor.
Top floor: Ring of Fire (5m)- plank while each man completes a sprint around the top deck
Rerun of the same episodes on the way down.
Mosey back for Mary:
Deerticks x20
Superman/Banana 2m
Scissors 1m (audible courtesy of Indy)
A refreshingly crisp, mid-60’s AM spent in the humid, urine and oil stank of the parking garage. At least it added to the sweat accumulation on the Tees that makes the BOM that much better. Welcome back to Bear Meat who’s been MIA for quite a while as I understand it. It was a pleasure to lead you gentlemen.
Bay City Roller