Backdraft’s Race Day Rocker

5 brave Pax ventured out on this beautiful crisp clear morning to have the evil put on them! The rest of you just suck, guess Grover needed help with invoices!

Let’s go Racin! –
  • 20 ssh in cadence
  • 20 imperial stormtroopers in cadence
  • 20 cotton pickers in cadence
The Evil! –
  • Mosey to parking deck
  • team up and advise TP to take it slow! I don’t want to be 1 to hurt you coming back!
  • Run up stairwell and across deck and back down.
  • partner 1 then does 5 burpees as partner 2 back pedals up ramp p1 then sprints to p2 tags and starts back pedaling as p2 assumes burpees and so on to the top level.
  • Run down stairs then alternate wheel barrowing with partner  back up.
  • Run across and down then repeat burpees back pedal.
  • Run down stairs and bunny hop back up run across and down then repeat burpees back pedal.
2 cycles were completed.
Mosey back to ASEC!
Winners Circle! –
In honor of TP’s return he called Mary!
  • Homer to Marge and Maggie
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Superman’s
  • Brazilians
Great workout!  Guys were spent and ready to strangle Backdraft, especially Catfish for Bunny Hops and MA Bell for wheelbarrows but we’re all to try!  Again and honor and privilege to push and be pushed by some of the greatest men I know!