Doolittle’s Anesthetic-Free Grinder

A lovely, 75 degree, muggy concord morning, and no one even broke a sweat…


Short stroll to the base camp for today’s work out (entrance to ASEC lot)

  • 25 Side Straddle Hops in cadence

Get the skinny on today’s pain game

  • Mosey ~ 35 yards to the pain station
  • Announcement of 10 REAL air squats….all butts drop below parallel…a round of 10 to ensure all PAX were on same page
  • Soldier Kicks followed by butt-kickers in route to pain station number 2 (about 70 yards from starting point)
  • Announcement of 5 hand-release merkens….did 10 just to make sure everyone (Backdraft and KGB) knew how to touch their chest to the ground
  • Continue our assent up the parking lot grading to the final station (~150 yards from base – although Deertick convinced it was 300 yards out)
  • Informed all that we would end our pain with 10 burpees….all the way down….and yep, we all gave it a go to make sure we could do them
  • Run back to base of the parking lot in preparation for the thang


Partner up….

Format is based on constantly moving, and destroying the entire body. The two main components were an uphill suicide with exercise components, and core crushing

One partner enters into an uphill suicide. At first line – about 35 yards out – 10 AS, then back to the start. Then on to second line (~70 yards) where 5 hand release push ups are done, then back to base. Then sprint on to final station of the up hill suicide where 10 burpees are done, and then back to base.

While partner is completing the suicide, other partner engages in a core movement. 1st suicide set accompanied by plank, 2nd by LBC’s, third by KGB twists, and capped off with in-place lunges.

Each partner took about 3-4 mins to complete the suicide, so yes, their partner suffered through ~4 mins of constant ab killing. (Deertick also worked in some solid stargazing). Each set of partners got through at least 4 rounds, Team Exit / Hipbone and Team KGB/Bay City made it through5 I believe….Solid ~40 mins of non-stop work by all.
Mosey’d over to MARY: Because we hadn’t done enough core yet
~ 5 mins of straight planking….held front, right side and left side in 30 second intervals for the remaining 4-5 minutes without breaking


Was a real pleasure to run my first Q. All PAX were very supportive and understanding of my ineptitudes, and I think I was only cussed a few times (to my face at least…primarily by deertick…though I may have cussed myself as well.) Several people mentioned it being Grover-esque….not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but I’ll take it. Props to Photon and Smith for rolling through a brutal one with the 1.0’s today…you guys were awesome. All Pax were particularly sweaty for todays circle…which really added to the solidarity of it all. Who doesn’t love embracing a big sweaty man!! My legs were weak, and I was close to passing out for most of the morning, hoping I wasn’t the only one, though KGB and Exit made it look effortless, and made me question the workout at times. (Still managed to remove teeth on Deertick’s and Indie’s dogs) I will take away from this work out that the grade in the parking lot is much steeper than it appears, and can be brutal if approached with repetition and burpees.

Thanks for letting me Q…it was an honor and a pleasure, and I’m ready to sign up for my next one!!!!