Dignitaries, Beauty Queens, High School Bands and . . . F3?

***Update: We do not have enough pax to march in the parade, so we will walk the crowd, distribute flyers and talk about F3.  Meet at Aldi, 8004 Blair Road, Mint Hill, between 0900 and 0930. Parts of Highway 51 will be closed so plan accordingly.***

F3ers to March in Mint Hill Madness Parade

F3 Harrisburg, in the Charlotte, NC’s MeCa region, is heading up the expansion effort to plant F3 workouts in Mint Hill, NC.  As a recruitment tool, F3ers will march, with pain stations of course, in the Mint Hill Madness Parade, distribute flyers about F3, and talk to potential pax.

Anyone who regularly posts at an F3 workout knows what a difference F3 can make in a man’s life.  It is time to pay that forward, and show others what we have found in F3. #NoMoreSadClowns.  Please sign up to help Mint Hill pax get their AO launched.  How often do you get the opportunity to EH a whole town, anyway?

The parade is on May 23rd and starts at 10am. Pax should arrive at 8:30am for staging. Wear your black F3 shirts and workout clothes.  You can sign up to march or to fill a position of honor, your choice.

Sign Up Here

Oh yeah, don’t forget to practice your wave and cheesy smile.